House Democrats Resume ‘Hunger Strike’

  The House today voted to pass the Jon Echols 'Real ID' compromise bill (HB1465). It advanced on nearly a straight party line  vote. 
  What we begin to see is a Democrat party trying one more time to evoke a parliamentary 'hunger strike'. they refuse to support Republican measures of any type unless and until there is a vote to hike oil production taxes.
  Never mind that a few weeks ago the Republicans largely supported Dem. Eric Proctor's school lunch bill.
  But this hunger strike is not translating to committee deliberations. The Democrats and Republicans are deeply engaged in productive work in the various committees where the bills take final shape.
 One example is the Echols Real ID bill where the 3 Democrats all approved the sensible Republican compromise version. But then, these 3 Democrats of the Rules Committee(Steve Kouplen, Meloyde Blancett, David Perryman) today voted 'Nay' to the same proposal.
 It's worth noting that Dem. Donny Condit of McAlester did cross over to support the measure. He's the same honorable man whom Republican chairman Paul Wesselhoft trusted so much that Condit was appointed Vice Chair of the Elections & Ethics Committee for the past 2 years.