OP-ED: Incrementalist Progress Is Worth The Effort

Jared Snider posted this succinct comment on the Congressional Healthcare debate...
Jefferson and Adams almost quit their effort to write a declaration of independence, because each wanted his own terms.
   "In politics, you almost never get 100% of what you want. Fiscal conservatives do their cause a disservice when they fail to accept incremental progress. They do their constituents a disservice when they indoctrinate them with the notion that reaching a compromise on legislation means compromising principles or a some sort of abject failure of leadership. That is not how our Founders governed. Jefferson and Madison neither one got everything they wanted in shaping our government. They reached consensus. Side bar suggestion: phrases like "spreading another half truth" and "peddling their lies" doesn't usually lead to productive dialogue. It's just hyperbole. I'm with you on demanding a smaller govt that is a better steward of taxpayer dollars. But you have to be willing to play ball and actually legislate and not just say "No" when you don't get 100% of your wish list."

Attorney Jared Snider is an Oklahoma native, living & working in Oklahoma City, along with his wife and their children.