Govt. Report: Subsidies Drive Consumer Prices Up, Not down

The Federal govt. statistics show a shocking continuation of trends in the cost of goods and service. Jonathan Small, of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs has released this graph of the various components in family household expenses. the stark reality is that the areas receiving the most govt. subsidies, are seeing the prices rise rather than stabilize or fall. The research comes from American Enterprise Institute. Equally noted is that the areas where trade is freely happening and competition is intense, is producing the best innovations and prices are actually dropping.
  For the past 7 years, the Obama administration has heavily subsidized the college industry, leading to the most astronomical cost increases and lifetime debt to many alumni. Healthcare costs have skyrocketed in the Obamacare years as demand went artificially high from people casting off prudent discretion because "someone else is paying the bill (insurance). Food prices jumped as the govt. subsidized ethanol, leading farmers to divert grain production toward that subsidized alternative energy. Global free trade has helped drop the inflation rate because new labor forces are competing to lower the labor component in production. ​  Read more at the American Enterprise Institute's Carpe Diem blog.