Fallin’s Negligence of Duty, & The Cost To Taxpayers

By the Watchman
  Once again we find the leader of the state failing to make plans for what she knew was coming. Is this due to her lack of trust in the drunk she hired? Is it due to her lack of intelligence? We believe it's neither of those. We believe it is an outright display of her liberal tax and spend mentality that has always been there. Her spending habit is having a negative effect on our economy and our ability to draw new industries to the state of Oklahoma. It has strengthened the legislature's ability to pass tax increases and fee increases on to the public instead of taking the hard step of decreasing the size of government. Her actions have made what is considered the reddest state in the union more like the purplest state in the union.

  We began by going to Governor Mary Fallin's Wikipedia page here Mary Fallin - Wikipedia. We went there because it gave us the most up to date information on the Governor. This site covers her political career from her first term as a State Representative right through to her current term as Governor. There are many surprises in here that people should know.

The next article of interest we found was this Gov. Fallin signs bill that imposes fee on tickets to Thunder games, other professional sporting events | KFOR.com. As if the price of tickets wasn't already high enough, they placed a fee on the tickets making them cost even more. This will lead to fewer people being able to afford tickets and an overall downturn in tax collections from the professional sports venues. All of this to raise an estimated $2.6 million dollars a year in new revenue. That's not even a dent in the nearly $900 million dollar budget gap they are looking at.

We did go back to her campaign web site from 2014 and see what information was available. The first article we looked at was this Fiscal Responsibility | Mary Fallin for Governor (archived link). We urge you to open this and compare it to today's reality. We will say that she balanced the budget, but that is a requirement of the state Constitution. She did it by taking out bonds to fund projects. Yes she did restore the state's Rainy Day Fund, however the fund as it sits today is empty. This too was done by taking out those funds in bonds and putting available money into the fund. In other words she along with the legislature put the state in debt. That is someplace we should never be considering we have a balanced budget amendment on the books.

We almost laughed when we found this Government Efficiency | Mary Fallin for Governor (archived link). Her elimination of a claimed 75 task forces in 2013 alone were all none paid positions. They made no contribution to the elimination of waste within the state government. In fact instead of the government becoming more efficient, it grew in size adding to the financial burden of the state and tax payers.

The next article we found was this Healthcare | Mary Fallin for Governor (archived link). We will give her some credit here. After extreme pressure from the public she turned down Obamacare in 2010. She successfully kept the state out from under that burden until 2015. She, along with the legislature was finally forced to accept the heinous law when the federal government refused to accept Oklahoma's plan for an alternative.

We found this next item almost so despicable that it should be impeachable. You can see it here Veterans | Mary Fallin for Governor (archived link). There are two specific instances that come to mind that are so despicable that she cannot ever be trusted with military matters. The first was her statement to the public that she would not allow identification cards to be issued to same sex couples in the National Guard. She lied. She moved one of the card making machines to a base that was leased from the Federal Government which required that cards be issued. The second occurred just last year. There was the death of a Veteran in a State owned and operated Veteran's facility in Talihina. The Veteran died while maggots where infesting his wounds. To date not one single person has been held accountable for the situation. The Oklahoma State Veterans Affairs Department sits right there alongside the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs as far as poor care goes. This is disgraceful.

The next claim to fame we found was this Vulnerable Oklahomans | Mary Fallin for Governor (archived link). Here she first mentions her Feeding Oklahoma Food Drive. It's indicated that the drive has provided 5 million plus meals since 2010. While laudable in its efforts, this averages to just over 1.25 million meals a year. There are that many Oklahomans that go hungry each week. She goes on to mention her efforts at prison reform. We find that her efforts here have been sorely lacking. In fact they were so bad that the citizens took it upon themselves and passed State Questions 780 and 781 in 2016 that went in our opinion too far. Both sides are seeking a quick fix to a problem that has been known to exist for more than five decades. Neither fix will work.

The next item we found was this 2nd Amendment | Mary Fallin for Governor (archived link). We must say that she has shown that she is a supporter of 2nd Amendment rights. The only area here we find her lacking in is the area of universal open carry.

The next article of interest we found was this MuskogeePolitico.com: Fallin vetoes regulatory reform measure, Faught responds. This is a blow to open government. It also keeps in place regulations that increase the cost of government. If the Governor was truly interested in reforming government and the budget deficit this bill would have been approved. Alas our Governor feels that the citizens of Oklahoma are better served by being kept in the dark and taxed to death.

The next article of interest we found was this Republicans line up against Gov. Mary Fallin's tax proposals; Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb resigns from Cabinet | Homepagelatest | tulsa. This is the reaction we expected out of the legislature however, we have found it to be a dog and pony show put on for the citizens so they can claim they tried to stop these tax and fee increases. A prime example is the small oil companies wanting to have the tax credit they receive decreased even though they know it will cost them financially. They only want to do their part in this financial crisis. Yet we have the legislature listening to the large oil companies who are against it. Who gets hurt in the end, the consumer? This is only further proof that our elected officials are no longer working for we the people but the big businesses that finance their campaigns instead. This is disgraceful.

The next article of interest we found was this Gov. Mary Fallin considered among worst governors in US, poll says. This is not really news to those of us that live here. To be honest we are surprised that she is rated as high as she is. After her re-election the economy of the state has tanked. The state suffers an unemployment rate substantially higher than the national average and none of the leadership is offering a viable solution to expand the economy beyond the oil and gas industry. Is it any wonder that our children are leaving the state for an opportunity at a decent pay check?

The next article we found was this How Oklahoma's GOP Governor Turned a Heinous Killer Into a Death-Penalty Martyr | Mother Jones. Now we are not known for using information obtained from far left publications however we found this one to be compelling. This article is well worth you opening the link and reading for yourself. This could have been avoided.
The next article of interest we found was this OK Governor Fallin Says Marijuana Legalization Has Caused 'Huge Problems' – Oregon Cannabis Connection. Once again we are using a source from the other side of the political aisle from which we stand. The sad part is everything the Governor has said in this article has been disproven. Even at that, the state has lost out on an opportunity to save money or even see a profit from the illegal marijuana that they confiscate each year. What is confiscated could be sold to the manufacturers of the medicinal oil for enough to serve the needs of Oklahoman's. Hemp ropes are among the strongest ever made. They could sell the non-intoxicating parts of the plant to make a profit from that.

Then we found this article "It's embarrassing," Gov. Mary Fallin pressuring lawmakers to agree on a budget | KFOR.com. We urge you to open and read this article. What is truly embarrassing is the fact that the Governor and all of the elected officials along with the appointed officials waited until February and March to take notice of what the State Treasurer has been telling them for three years. They knew full good and well that this was happening. In addition this is a phony budget. The shortfall is in what they want to spend against what the actual needs of the state are. This is a prime example of the lack of proper prior planning preventing poor performance. Once again She has made Oklahoma the laughing stock of the nation.

The next article of interest we found was this Mary Fallin on the Issues. This is an important source of information. We can't urge you enough to open the link and read the document yourself. Where she stands on some of the subjects will surprise you.

In closing all we can say is we can see through your liberal leanings Governor. You may be a Republican but you are a Republican in Name Only. Throughout the last three years of budget shortfalls you have failed to take even a first step towards increasing the economic base of the state. You have failed in your position as a leader and as a positive role model for the state. We the People are not sure that we can survive the last eighteen months of your administration.

What YOU need to do is to start calling AND emailing tonight and keep it up till this time tomorrow night. Visit this link if you aren't sure who your State Representative is.

Visit this link to find your legislator's contact info, you can email directly from this page and their phone numbers are there too.  Call at night, in the early morning, their answering machines will catch the calls.  Email several times or get your spouse and kids and friends to email or call.

Here is a list of House member's numbers and names.  Be sure and say that you are a constituent in their district and give your address or zip code.  Be ready to be lied to, there are billions of your dollars at stake here and the donor class wants that money.

Babinec, Greg33R(405) 557-7304
Baker, Rhonda60R(405) 557-7311
Bennett, Forrest92D(405) 557-7404
Bennett, John2R(405) 557-7315
Biggs, Scott51R(405) 557-7405
Blancett, Meloyde78D(405) 557-7334
Bush, Carol70R(405) 557-7359
Caldwell, Chad40R(405) 557-7317
Calvey, Kevin82R(405) 557-7357
Cannaday, Ed15D(405) 557-7375
Casey, Dennis35R(405) 557-7344
Cleveland, Bobby20R(405) 557-7308
Cockroft, Josh27R(405) 557-7349
Condit, Donnie18D(405) 557-7376
Coody, Jeff63R(405) 557-7307
Derby, Dale74R(405) 557-7377
District 2828(405) 557-7372
District 7575(405) 557-7356
District 7676(405) 557-7347
Dollens, Mickey93D(405) 557-7371
Downing, Tim42R(405) 557-7365
Dunlap, Travis10R(405) 557-7402
Dunnington, Jason88D(405) 557-7396
Echols, Jon90R(405) 557-7354
Enns, John41R(405) 557-7321
Faught, George14R(405) 557-7310
Fetgatter, Scott16R(405) 557-7373
Ford, Roger95R(405) 557-7314
Fourkiller, William86D(405) 557-7394
Frix, Avery13R(405) 557-7302
Gann, Tom8R(405) 557-7364
Goodwin, Regina73D(405) 557-7406
Griffith, Claudia45D(405) 557-7386
Hall, Elise100R(405) 557-7403
Hardin, Tommy49R(405) 557-7383
Henke, Katie71R(405) 557-7361
Hilbert, Kyle29R(405) 557-7353
Hoskin, Chuck6D(405) 557-7319
Humphrey, Justin19R(405) 557-7382
Inman, Scott94D(405) 557-7370
Jordan, John Paul43R(405) 557-7352
Kannady, Chris91R(405) 557-7337
Kerbs, Dell26R(405) 557-7345
Kouplen, Steve24D(405) 557-7306
Lawson, Mark30R(405) 557-7414
Lepak, Mark9R(405) 557-7380
Loring, Ben7D(405) 557-7399
Lowe, Jason97D(405) 557-7367
Martin, Scott46R(405) 557-7329
Martinez, Ryan39R(405) 557-7342

McBride, Mark53R(405) 557-7346
McCall, Charles22R(405) 557-7412
McDaniel, Randy83R(405) 557-7409
McDugle, Kevin12R(405) 557-7388
McEachin, Scott67R(405) 557-7341
McEntire, Marcus50R(405) 557-7327
Meredith, Matt4D(405) 557-7408
Montgomery, John62R(405) 557-7374
Moore, Lewis96R(405) 557-7400
Mulready, Glen68R(405) 557-7340
Munson, Cyndi85D(405) 557-7392
Murdock, Casey61R(405) 557-7384
Murphey, Jason31R(405) 557-7350
Newton, Carl58R(405) 557-7339
Nichols, Monroe72D(405) 557-7391
Nollan, Jadine66R(405) 557-7390
O'Donnell, Terry23R(405) 557-7379
Ortega, Charles52R(405) 557-7369
Osborn, Leslie47R(405) 557-7333
Osburn, Mike81R(405) 557-7360
Ownbey, Pat48R(405) 557-7326
Park, Scooter65R(405) 557-7305
Perryman, David56D(405) 557-7401
Pfeiffer, John38R(405) 557-7332
Proctor, Eric77D(405) 557-7410
Renegar, Brian17D(405) 557-7381
Ritze, Mike80R(405) 557-7338
Roberts, Dustin21R(405) 557-7366
Roberts, Sean36R(405) 557-7322
Rogers, Michael98R(405) 557-7362
Russ, Todd55R(405) 557-7312
Sanders, Mike59R(405) 557-7407
Sears, Earl11R(405) 557-7358
Stone, Shane89D(405) 557-7397
Strohm, Chuck69R(405) 557-7331
Tadlock, Johnny1D(405) 557-7363
Teague, Tess101R(405) 557-7395
Thomsen, Todd25R(405) 557-7336
Vaughan, Steve37R(405) 557-7355
Virgin, Emily44D(405) 557-7323
Walke, Collin87D(405) 557-7335
Wallace, Kevin32R(405) 557-7368
Watson, Weldon79R(405) 557-7330
West, Josh5R(405) 557-7415
West, Kevin54R(405) 557-7343
West, Rick3R(405) 557-7413
West, Tammy84R(405) 557-7348
Williams, Cory34D(405) 557-7411
Worthen, Rande64R(405) 557-7398
Wright, Harold57R(405) 557-7325
Young, George99D(405) 557-7393