Oklahoma’s Legislative Budget Crisis

By Mary Ruth Tapp

It’s time to STOP falling for the tricks! I’ve known and know some very fine teachers in the public education system. AND I’m sick and tired of seeing raises for teachers being used as a mantra for “more taxes/more debt” so the crowd at Lincoln Blvd. can continue this sick game of spending what we don’t have on frivolous things we don’t need. Let’s take a look at just some of the money that could and SHOULD be used for raises for our teachers in the classroom. (Thanks to Rep. John Bennett for this information.)

Did you know?
“…the Chancellor of
Higher Ed makes over $400k a

How about other waste in
Higher Ed?

-UCO donated $10,000
to an international gender and
sexuality conference it hosted last

-OU hosts a conference on “how to
promote reproductive justice in red
states.” That’s a code word for
abortion rights.

-OU paid $150,000 to bring hip-hop artists to Norman for homecoming.

-OU recently spent $12,800 for a “bias hotline.”

-OU paid $20 Mil for an Italian monastery (in Italy)

-Student fees at UCO pay for Glamazon: A Drag Show.

-OSU hiring full-time rock climbing
coordinator, masters degree

-Therapy dogs at OU for students to de-stress during finals week… Seriously??

-UCO host LGBT summit and paid for some of the expenses.

-UCO host Gender and Sexuality Studies conference

-OU added LGBT studies minor

-Oklahoma taxpayers are being
forced to pay for “social justice”
activism via an “Activist-in-
Residence” program at OU.

-David Boren has asked each dean to hire a Diversity and Inclusion

There is so much more but I don’t
have time or space to list them all.”

It’s time fellow Oklahomans—the cat is out of the bag. The folks at the State House should be held accountable for this budget crisis they have created.
#TaxationIsTheft #DebtIsSlavery

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