Tapp into Common Sense: It is the Spending Stupid!

By Sandra Crosnoe via Finding Gems & Sharing Them Color me livid.  We have lost before we even get started if we don’t correct this matter.   Let me see if I can show you  how this game actually works. Case 1:  I say lets cut taxes 20%  and you come back with how about 10% and we settle on 15%.  You think you won because we cut taxes a little.  Spending wasn’t reduced one iota in this scenario!  The revenue will have to be raised somehow by this generation or the next.

Amount saved 0%

Case 2:  What if the opening gambit had been let’s cut spending 20% and you come back with how about 10% and we settle on 15%.  In this scenario we both won and spending was actually reduced a little right here and now.

Amount saved 15%

Do you see the difference?  Please think about it.  Shift the conversation.  Talking about taxes is a trap and you loose no matter what the compromise position is.  Here’s a sample letter if it helps you get started:
Dear Representative, I don’t want to hear another word about taxes. Not one single solitary word. Don’t even think about raising them – not on me and not on my neighbors either! Don’t come to any of us asking for more money.  We are united on this matter. You already have plenty. You simply have not learned to prioritize correctly. It is really pretty easy.

Do not spend more money than you have.  Do not ask me for more.

Let’s see how much government we can cut before anyone (not on the payroll actually misses any of it). Thank you for getting our spending priorities in order and balancing our budget.  It is after all what we elected you to do. Sincerely, A Taxpayer
For Reference: By the numbers: Winners and losers of Oklahoma’s proposed budget Post originated via Finding Gems & Sharing Them – We Are Seriously Not Having the Right Conversation! It is the Spending Stupid