Republican Freshman Campaigns For Democrat Congressional Candidate

By the Watchman
In an article dated December 20, 2016 this article was posted on the internet. RINO Alert: HD70 Rep. Carol Bush shows true colors. There is little doubt that this article proved to be true. In fact she has proven to be more than a RINO, she is in fact an undocumented Democrat. She was recommended to run for the office by a Democrat and now she is out campaigning for Democrats. We must ask, why did you do this Tulsa? A failed surf shop operator in Tulsa is now your representative. Unbelievable.
The next article of interest we found was this One of the good ones - The Tulsa Voice - December A 2016. In an interview on, she was the epitome of pride, arrogance and braggadocio, while speaking to a longtime friend and probably too ignorant of the fact that what she was saying was going to be printed. It's either that or she just didn't care what her House colleagues might think. She failed as a business women, who would open a surf shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, so decided to suck on the public teat for her income. She has worked for the Tulsa Crime Commission during which time the recidivism rate went up continuously, and the Tulsa Health Department where her one claim to fame was getting soda vending machines removed from the schools. That's not having accomplished much for her life to date.
She then goes on to agree with the interviewer that Oklahoma has cut education funding more than any other state since 2008, showing the depth of her complete ignorance of the fact that education spending has actually increased every year since 2008. She is pro-abortion, against Charter Schools ever receiving a dime of the money that parents and other tax payers have paid for public education. She is all for single payer health coverage for all, pro-gay rights, pro- increasing taxes including last year's failed cigarette tax, advocates for a "luxury tax" and any other tax that they can think of. Those are not Republican positions.
She saved her worst comments for an attack on the Christian legislators when asked about the first caucus meeting at the Capital she said "Okay it was fine, a reunion of sorts for many, but then John Bennett (R-Sallisaw) spoke and I thought I was back at ORU and that was just offensive. It was a prayer revival. Bible thumping and it shouldn't have been. And it was just offensive to me—I am sitting in a row of about ten people and we're all looking at each other thinking, 'What are you doing? Oh, I'll pick a fight with him. We need to muffle his megaphone. And how the hell does he keep getting re-elected? Let's start there. You should worry about your own chances first Mz. Bush.
Representative Bush went much farther than that by saying Christians like Representative John Bennett "sucks the energy out of real legislation and embarrasses the state." We want to know how you would know that. You had never even spent a day in session when you made that remark. To us this is just more political grandstanding from an incompetent far left politician who was recruited by a Democrat to run for the office.
In another statement she made she said "Yes, absolutely. When I was campaigning I'd knock on doors and ask questions, try to go deeper, and one woman said she'd never let her kids go into a public bathroom again because she didn't want them kidnapped and raped. And I thought Oh dear God, the ignorance. I said "Do you know who the pedophiles are? It's usually your white, next door neighbor. I laid into her because I was so angry about the ignorance." We would like a clarification on who was ignorant. Were you or the person whose door you knocked on? We ask that because while you were campaigning some store had already adopted the gender neutral or go to the gender you feel you should be policy. That angered a lot of people in the country and made many pedophiles extremely happy. It was like that policy opened a candy store for them. So which one was it?
Mz. Bush admits that former Democrat Jeannie McDaniel recruited her to run for the office. She is even advocates for an assisted death law in Oklahoma to deal with her ill mother. Talk about a dysfunctional family.
The next article of interest we found was this Bush-league politics - The Tulsa Voice - January B 2017. This article we would urge you to open and read. After her tirade about the Republican's at the caucus, and the article, she was made by House Leadership to apologize directly to Mr. Bennett and by email to the rest of her colleagues in the House. She also did the typical politician thing and threw her longtime friend who had written the previous story under the bus. We all knew this was going to be the way she operated.
We next went to to look at her official web site here Representative Carol Bush - Oklahoma House of Representatives. We were shocked to find that even after all the stunts she pulled between Election Day and the opening day of the session she was still appointed as Vice Chair for the Conference Committee on Health Services and long term care, and the Committee on Health Services and Long Term Care. This is an individual who wants to bring assisted suicide to our state so she can be rid of the burden of her seriously ill mother. What the hell were they thinking?
We next went to to see what information they had available on her. The first article of interest we found was this Carol Bush's Political Summary - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. We would urge you to open this link and read the article yourself. Here is some of what we found.
06/28/2017 Research Institute for Economic Development 95%
06/28/2017 Sooner Tea Party 5%
Those type of figures tell you that she is all for the business people getting richer while they keep raising prices on those that do the actual work. She's pro-business and anti-consumer
We found it strange that someone who has indicated that she was pro-abortion would miss a vote on the very subject.
02/16/2017 HB1549 Prohibits Abortions Based on Genetic Abnormalities No Vote
The strange part of this summary was when we got to the Issue positions. She hasn't completed the political courage test as of yet, but this is what we found Issue Position: Budget left blank Issue Position Education left blankIssue Position: Public Safety left blank
Those items being left blank are curiously the direct opposite of the rhetoric she used during her campaign. That would indicate to us that she has no intentions of keeping any of her campaign promises. In other words she's just another typical lying politician.
We next went to her biography page here Carol Bush's Biography - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. This was a lot like her. A whole lot of nothing.
We next went to her voting record here Bush's Voting Records - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. Every single Democrat in the House had a better voting record than she did. It is very obvious that she knows little about the state Constitution. She did score a 5% on the Sooner RINO index. She scored that because she missed the vote on abortion. Here are the pieces of legislation that mattered to Oklahoman's that made up the RINO index and how she voted.
HB 1427 Out of State Tax Collection Voted Yea, Liberal VoteHB 1449 Electric Vehicle Tax Voted Yea, Liberal VoteHB 1837 Lottery % Raid Voted Yea, Liberal VoteHB 1845 Real ID Voted Yea, Liberal VoteHB 2131 10% Sales Tax Rebate Scheme Yea, Liberal VoteHB 2348 Deduction Freeze Voted Yea, Liberal VoteHB 2351 Tax Incentive Credit Voted Yea, Liberal VoteHB 2356 Franchise Tax Date Move Voted Yea, Liberal VoteHB 2367 Tax Collector Claw Back Voted Yea, Liberal VoteHB 2372 $1.50 Cigarette Tax Increase Voted Yea, Liberal VoteHB 2387 OJA Bonds Voted Yea, Liberal VoteHB 2389 Health Department Bonds Voted Yea, Liberal VoteHB 2403 Tax deduction limit bill Voted Yea, Liberal VoteHB 2414 Log Rolling 3 Tax Bills Voted Yea, Liberal VoteHB 2433 Car Sales Tax Voted Yea. Liberal VoteSB 38 Fee increases Voted Yea, Liberal voteSB 120 Aerospace Tax Credit Extension Voted Yea, Liberal VoteSB 170 Income Tax Rate Cut reversal Voted Yea, Liberal VoteSB 786 Soft on Crime Bill Excused. Did not voteSB 845 Smoking Fee Voted Yea, Liberal Vote.
Twenty chances to help the people and she only got one right, because she wasn't there. That is a disgrace. Some of these votes were conducted in violation of the States Constitution. Does she not believe in the rule of law?
The next article we looked at was this Carol Bush's Ratings and Endorsements - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. Here is what we found.
Business and Consumers
2017 Research Institute for Economic Development 95%
Fiscally Conservative
2017 Sooner Tea Party Position 5%
Those numbers indicate that she is not working for her constituents but is working for the business people she represents. That means you, as tax payers, can expect to pay more in the future for almost everything you purchase.
2016 National Rifle Association 86%
We would prefer to see a rating from the premier Gun Rights organization in the state, the Oklahoma 2nd
Amendment Association, but the NRA will do.
Socially Conservative
2017 Sooner Tea Party 5%
Those were the only numbers available at the time of this writing. We will hope that others will add their weight in on her performance before too long.
We next went to the Campaign Finance report here Carol Bush's Campaign Finances - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. What we found here was a lot of fiction and should be investigated by the State Ethics Committee for Campaign Finance Violations. Using as an example in one column she indicates receiving no funds from any company. In the donations she listed some of the companies that contributed to her campaign include AHS Legacy Operations, Farmers Insurance Group, AT&T AND Cox Communications. We knew we had to dig deeper and we did.
There is not a campaign finance report on file for the time frame of January through March of 2016. That is a campaign violation. Charged her credit card fees to the campaign, numerous donations from lobbyist. Accepted donations from unions and many special interest groups including the Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce, The Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce and the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. She also accepted funds from a campaign fund bundler for former President Obama, George Kaiser. We will concede that a vast amount of her funds came from private donors, but we have to ask what promises she made to the various Chambers of Commerce in order to earn their support. We can promise you it wasn't to ease the burden on your income.
The next item of interest we found was this Carol Bush (Oklahoma) - Ballotpedia. We learned more about her biography here than any of the biography pages. We would urge you to open the link and read it. We would like to know what mental midget assigned an individual who desired to euthanize her own mother on the Children, Youth and Family Services Committee, Health Care and Longtime care Committee Vice-Chair and Public Health Committee. That's insane.
The next article of interest we found was this Rep. Carol Bush and Sen. A.J. Griffin: Oklahoma women can't wait for justice reform | Reader's Forum | Here we have two liberal legislators that want to reform the judicial system because to many women are being put in jail. Neither one of these legislators or the Committee to study the problem have really hit on what the problem is. We hear constant talk of sentences for non-violent offenses being too long. You legislators are the ones that made the penalties. You have the power to fix that. Your biggest problem is getting away from private prisons. The state pays for so many beds each year under contract. Those contracts run almost $100 million dollars a year. In order to keep the beds full you increased the penalties for all offenses. Now you need to find a way to get out from under those contracts and lower the sentences of crimes. That along with teaching prisoners a skill they can use to support themselves and their families once they are released would lower the recidivism rate. Instead you all keep kicking a decade's long problem with our prisons down the road for someone else to fix.
The next article we found was this OK State Rep. Carol Bush Shows Her Pro-Abortion Colors - OK Politechs. She is one of several Republicans that voted no in committee on a Pro-Antiabortion bill. Her vote along with the other Republicans caused the bill to not pass out of committee.
The next article we found was this Al Gerhart: Carol Bush, a.k.a. The Pariah of the Oklahoma Legislature. This article is well worth the time of opening the link and reading. This will tell you how and when she was disciplined before she ever stepped foot into the chamber of the House. It was well deserved, but as we mentioned earlier, she went too far when she threw her longtime friend under the bus for the article he wrote. This just proves she's in it for herself and no one else.
Then we found this
This photo is proof of her betrayal of the Republican Party. She has no respect for the party and we truly suspect that she has been a Democrat who changed parties several years ago because she knew she wouldn't get elected as a Democrat. Kendra Horn is running against Congressman Steve Russell for the U.S. House seat in District 5.
 Her actions over the campaign and through the first year as a state legislator has convinced us here that the woman should be removed from office. We recognize the feasibility of that the state lacks a recall clause and it would be nearly impossible to recall her. We do seek remedies for the good of the state. We ask the Speaker to remove her from all committee assignments. We also ask the House of Representatives to vote for her to be censored during the next session. We further ask that she not receive the endorsement of the state GOP or the Tulsa GOP should she decide to make a bid for re-election. We will be watching.