NW OK Deserves Better-Learn From History

By Kenny Bob Tapp

Most politicians in Oklahoma talk the Conservative talk, God, Jesus, Family, Guns, while exhibiting the complete opposite with their voting record. All of the recent Oklahoma elected public servants who left office in a sexual scandal faced their first moral failure by violating the oath of office they swore before God and man. This is done by voting for more intrusive (BIG) government, and voting to steal your hard earned dollars in the name of taxes and fees to appease their Tall Building Crowd buddies.
I trust Northwest Oklahoma will not elect a new Senator who, as State Representative, exhibited a morally bankrupt character in violating his oath to God and man, violating the U.S. and Oklahoma Constitutions, stealing your hard earned money, and voting for more intrusive (BIG) government in our lives.
Northwest Oklahoma, we deserve better! If we fail to learn from history then we shall surely repeat it.

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