Cartoon Magazine Publisher Hugh Hefner Dies

cartoon magazine publisher hugh hefner Hugh Hefner was a frustrated as a cartoonist, so he pursued other interests and founded Playboy magazine. You probably only read Playboy for the fiction. But I read it for the cartoons. Hefner chose the cartoons for each issue.

Cartoon Magazine Publisher Hugh Hefner

I think he also chose the other pictures that appeared in his magazine. And he developed the “Playboy Philosophy” to help him with that task. But the world of internet porn and political correctness made things difficult for Playboy. An obit in The Atlantic argues that what Playboy offered was “sanitized – Hefner wanted the centerfolds to exude clean-cut charm rather than exotic allure.” What it should have offered was more cartoons. Hef was 91 when he died on Wednesday. The post Cartoon Magazine Publisher Hugh Hefner Dies appeared first on