R3publicans: Best Ways to Connect with R3publicans Online: Important Update!

We are loosing our Dreamhost Email system (RPnewsletter) which has been a tremendous gift in recent years.  We are not currently doing much email, but this is just to let everyone know the best ways to stay in touch in light of this change! On this website (R3publican), we have two feeds which you can pick to use as you wish:
RSS 2.0 feed
Feed burner feed
To Activate Feedburner Email
  If you are currently a subscriber via Dreamhost, you will get this information in one last email message there.  So be sure to connect via our feeds and we will advise you if we set up another email option at a future date.  We have a system on Constant Contact, but it is inactive at the moment.  If we activate it we will plug you in there and from that point you may opt in/out as you wish.
Our lists are not sold and only information we deem appropriate is forwarded to the lists.  You may opt in or out at any time with any system we use!
Feedburner options are also available in the right sidebar on the R3publican website.  There is a graphic automated update bar that you may add to your site for us or create one of your own as you wish.  Feed burner lets you decide how you want to receive notifications.  So pick the best method for you. If you live in Oklahoma, you may be interested in OKGrassroots network to stay plugged in more locally.  If you are in another state, you may be interested in Constitutional Liberty Coalition with multistate feeds. If you are on facebook, here are a few of our related sites there.  Please like and join and share: R3publican page R3publican group Oklahoma Grassroots group Oklahpma Grassroots for Liberty app page Constitutional Liberty Coalition page End the Fed page End the Fed group Abolish the Department of Education Of course there are many other great groups and pages as well, so plug in and stay connected as we grow and spread the message of life and liberty! We are all on facebook so you can connect there and give us any feedback you wish or let us know if you want to help! ======================================= Sandra Crosnoe  —  Finding Gems and Sharing Them Porter Davis — The Precinct Leader Richard Engle Joanna Francisco and Shannon Grimes – Liberty on Tap Kenny Bob Tapp — Tapp Into Common Sense Ryan Underwood  — The Freedom Watch  

R3publicans  Best Ways to Connect with R3publicans Online: Important Update!