Tapp into Common Sense/Fisher: Scare Tactics Are The Tool of The Progressive Left

By Dan Fisher IMG_1938.PNGAs I stood in the House gallery yesterday, and listened to GOP House Members use a litany of fear tactics to try and emotionally manipulate, I began to wonder what went wrong. Where were the days when the GOP would stand for shrinking government? Where were the leaders saying as the last Great Communicator President Reagan said, “Government is not the solution to the problem, government IS the problem!?” I can assure you they were not on the House floor yesterday. Yet, I was inspired by the 22 GOP House Members who had not lost their way. Thank you Representatives: Calvey, Cleveland , Coody, Derby, Downing, Dunlap, Enns, Faught, Gann, Hardin, McBride, McEachin, Moore, Murphey, O’Donnell, Ritze, Roberts (S), Rogers , Strohm, Teague, West (K), West (R). I heard your floor speeches and your willingness to stick to principles. Should I be elected governor, I will not raise taxes as a solution to the mess in state government, let me be clear about that. I will not say as some do “I’ll only raise taxes after everything else is tried.” I’m driving a stake in the ground in this regard, there will be no new taxes in a Fisher Administration and I won’t play games with the word “fee” either. Yesterday was a sad day for the GOP as it adopted the fear tactics of the progressive left. It was a good day for principle as 22 stalwarts stood their ground. #Fisher2018 Source Post