Tapp into Common Sense: Murdock Claim On Opposing Ad-Valorem Taxes Is Not Quite The Case

In Senate District 27 with the ongoing Special Election to replace Senator Bryce Marlatt, voters are being inundated with campaign mailers.  Often these mail pieces are filled with rhetoric which will conflict with the politician’s voting record. One such piece from Representative Casey Murdock proclaims, “Casey opposed expanding ad-valorem taxes”.   In truth, last year Representative Murdock along with former Senator Bryce Marlatt authored the infamous HB 2658. IMG_1959.JPGHB 2658 would have levied an ad-valorum tax on School Land leasees only in Cimarron County.   (http://webserver1.lsb.state.ok.us/cf_pdf/2015-16%20ENGR/hB/HB2658%20ENGR.PDF) Not only do conservatives hold concerns with proposed tax increases but those who hold Farm Bureau membership might recall the organization’s policy in opposing ad valorum taxes. Recently Representative Murdock also joined the Tax and Spenders in OKC in voting for (HB 1054    http://webserver1.lsb.state.ok.us/cf/2017-18%20SUPPORT%20DOCUMENTS/votes/House/HB1054X_VOTES.HTM )the largest proposed tax increase in Oklahoma history.   HB 1054 if passed would have dealt a blow to rural Oklahoma, raising motor fuel, 6 cents a gallon as well as raising the GPT which would in turn effect the consumer, it also applied additional taxes on tobacco, and beer. I pray that voters will see through smooth talk, deceptive mail pieces and take the time to review a voting record which will shine light on truth.  Remember, as my friend Richard Engle recently stated: “Tax increases are never Conservative!”