Tapp Into Common Sense/Sooner Politics: Murdock Signals ‘Desperation’ – Attacks McLarty In Senate Race

IMG_2062 By Sooner Politics: The special election to replace the disgraced Bryce Marlatt in the Oklahoma Senate is getting muddy. Casey Murdock is now launching a speculative attack on one of the most dedicated champions of the Republican Platform, Carolyn McLarty. Dr. McLarty has been an effective defender of Oklahoma fiscal and social conservatism as a member of the Republican National Committee & Chairing a subcommittee of the national party’s platform committee. OKGOP leaders have expressed great disappointment at Murdock’s besmirching of the retired veterinary physician from Woodward. McLarty has long been an active member of Oklahoma Eagle Forum and the Federation of Republican Women. McLarty’s advocacy for traditional conservative values is far more reliable than is Murdock’s shameful score of just 10% Conservative in the 2017 Conservative Index, and he scored a ZERO % Republican in the RINO Index for 2017…. Read more here: http://www.soonerpolitics.org/editorial/murdock-signals-desperation-attacks-mclarty-in-senate-race Story also carried by Tapp into Common Sense here: https://kennybobtapp.wordpress.com/2017/11/25/murdock-signals-desperation-attacks-mclarty-in-senate-race/