Tapp into Common Sense: What’s Negative Campaigning?

A thought I had with the Senate 27 Special Election ramping up. You will or have already heard the phrase “Negative Campaigning”. What should a person look for to verify “Negative Campaigning”? False, unfounded claims on a candidate’s words or candidate’s voting record, publicizing about a candidate’s private life or family that has nothing to do with the office the candidate seeks to hold. Often, holding a candidate accountable to their voting record or what they have said publicly is mistaken for “Negative Campaigning”, while in fact it is positively shining the light on issues effecting the office they seek to hold, thus a “Positive Campaign”. While making a claim on a candidate’s record or public words, it is wise and necessary to have the proof/information on hand to back up such a claim to avoid the stigma of a “Negative Campaigner”.