Oklahoma Watchman: Low Standards

  It's not often that we see a National Party member return home to run for a statewide office. We have such a case here in Oklahoma in the 2018 Lieutenant Governor's race for 2018. We all are aware that the job as Lt. Governor is not a glamorous office to hold. They often get stuck holding the leftovers and trying to make them work. Party politics aside we'll introduce you to a well-known name and face to the Oklahoma GOP faithful. We are long in remembrance of this man and what he has wreaked on the Oklahoma Republican Party.
  We came across this article first . We were surprised to see some of the endorsements, others not so much. There is nothing this man has done for the Republican Party except allow liberals to run for office. He's had to witness it himself. Two of our state Representatives ranks among the worst in the nation. He did turn the state into the reddest state in the nation, but at what cost has it been on those who pay their salaries within the state. Jobs are down, growth is level and taxes keep getting higher because the Republicans he helped get into office have no self-discipline when it comes to spending your tax dollars.
As a case in point, we are all aware of the scandals going on in D.C. Did you know that less than two years ago your tax dollars were used to settle a sexual harassment case from our own State House of Representatives? That was a little over $43,000.00 dollars that could have been used to keep a teacher in a classroom here in the state.
The next article of interest we found was his campaign web site here. We urge you to open this article and see for yourself. Nowhere in the photograph is the name Republican mentioned. That's a tactic that most liberals use when they want to surprise you once they're in office.
We also https://mattpinnell.com/meet-matt/. We were unable to find anything on his web site about any issues. You would think that would be an important part of his vote getting. It's actually a ruse used to keep from putting into writing something he doesn't support. The election is an eleven months from now and he's already using tricks he picked up in D.C. to fool the voters.
The next article we came across was this . We consider this a must read article. Once you've read this article you'll have no doubts that he is an establishment politician. We've had to put up with an establishment politician for the last seven years. Yes we're talking about the Governor, Mary Fallin. Do we really want to put another establishment politician in office?
This next article is interesting . We're not surprised to see the hometown newspaper make such a big deal out of it. It's only natural and he gets his brownie points for getting out to mass media this way.
Now this article brags on Matt Pinnell and we would say justifiably should. . We don't know why he wasn't selected and will not make a guess. That's not how we operate. We'll just say things didn't work out in his favor and leave it at that.
This next article struck us as being out of place. Why would a Google search turn up this type of material?. We did take note of the fact that it was in black and white photography so the only way you could tell he was a Republican candidate were the elephant emblems on the backdrop.
We did an archive search of the various newspapers in the D.C. area and found this. . We thought it was rather odd that with the work he was doing the Washington Times had only two mentions of his name in their archives. They were the only ones that did.
The next article we found was this. He does mention that there are a number of things the Lt. Governor does that he felt would have a big impact on Oklahoma. He didn't get into specifics, but we all know that the Lt. Governor gets all the work nobody else wants. What he is in affect doing is building his credentials up for a run at a higher office.
We ran across an article that came from the State Democratic Party for which we were never able to find an answer for. Here's the article . None of us know what another person is thinking and we will not try to put words in his mouth over this. We do feel that this is a subject that needs to be addressed during his campaign.
We did find this article from 2010 . It was enough to make us wonder if they support him during this campaign. Since that time we have discovered enough to say that we are unable to endorse this candidate.
It was during this time frame after he had been elected as the state GOP Chair that an incident occurred at the party headquarters that has the distinct odor of prejudice stamped all over it. A longtime Republican, retired from the Army who happened to be black was quickly ushered out the door of the party headquarters. Not ten minutes later that same veteran walked in with some white people and received a cordial greeting. All of this occurred at a time when the Republican Party as a whole was trying to increase the size of the minorities in the party.
We did go to VoteSmart.org to see what information they had on him. There was absolutely nothing on the site with his name attached to it. We looked elsewhere.
We next went to state ethics commission and found his campaign finance reports. The reports we viewed were up to date with the last report being made on Sept. 30, 2017. We found a huge amount of individual donations made to his campaign with very few of them being from out of state. He's also received some small donations from a few Political Action Committees, but they would make less than 5% of the overall donations he has received.
We can only say that he was present during part of making Oklahoma the reddest state in the nation. If he helped or harmed was a different story. We can consider ourselves to have less than a quarter of the seats in both chambers filled with conservatives. Along with that we've seen nothing but broken promises and lies.
When Governor Fallin leaves office in January of 2019 do we really want to put another District of Corruption hack in line to be the next Governor or even worse a Senator or Congressman in D.C.? We say start asking for your money back and reject this establishment Republican from taking a seat at the Capitol.