OK2A: Why is OK Sen James Lankford Supporting a Gun Control Bill?

Why is Oklahoma Senator James Lankford Supporting a Gun Control Bill?

With your help, we can stop Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, and Michael Bloomberg — and keep them from doing their gun control “happy dance.” They have crafted a major gun control package and have duped a dozen Republicans into helping them.

Tragically, one of these Republicans is your Senator (Oklahoma Senator James Lankford).

He is a co-sponsor of S. 2135, the so-called NICS Fix legislation, and his partners on that bill consist of a sick assortment of gun-hating Democrats from places like New York and California.

Sadly, several Republicans thought they could get some “good ink” in the left-wing media by supporting well-disguised gun control. One of them Senator Lankford — another is the chief sponsor of the bill, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX).

People are Going to Lose Their 2nd Amendment Rights

It is now becoming clear that this bill would force the VA to send even more names of veterans into the NICS system — where, already, more than 257,000 veterans have lost their gun rights.

It would suck up the medical marijuana lists from 29 states to disarm them, and most likely, reinstate the Social Security Gun Ban that Congress just repealed.

It would push to have people with bench warrants forwarded to the FBI, even if the subjects were guilty of nothing more than an unpaid traffic ticket.

The tragedy in all of this is that Senator Lankford was elected on a platform supporting the Second Amendment — not a promise to destroy it! There is no reason why Senator Lankford should be joining with a rogue’s gallery of leftist kooks to attack the Second Amendment.

GOA activists have had success in pulling Republicans off gun control bills in the past, but it takes a strong grassroots effort. Remember that when lawmakers “feel the heat, they see the light.” Read more on Gun Owners of America’s website.

Call to Action — We Need You to Act!

Call Senator James Lankford at (202) 224-5754 and urge him to remove his co-sponsorship of gun control bill S. 2135.

I’m asking that you call Senator Lankford at (202) 224-5724 and urge him to remove his co-sponsorship from gun control bill S. 2135. You can also email Senator Lankford from his website by clicking hereDon’t wait!

Help preserve your Second Amendment rights by supporting Oklahoma’s leading advocate for YOUR Second Amendment rights — become a member of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association.

Please share this on your social media channels and by forwarding this email.

Thank you!


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