MuskogeePolitico: Club for Growth comments on Trump, House GOP interest in bringing back earmarks

  Washington, DC – Today, Club for Growth President David McIntosh offered the following statement upon news of House Republicans’ interest in bringing back earmarks:
“If Republicans bring back earmarks, then it virtually guarantees that they will lose the House, stated Club for Growth President David McIntosh.
“Bringing back earmarks is the antithesis of draining the swamp.  Earmarks will only benefit the special interests that grow government at the expense of working men and women.”
[Editor's note: Some of us do not agree about this characterization of earmarks and see them as a legitimate use of Congressional authority that was abused by some and made an 'excuse' for overspending practices by others, but that is a longer discussion for another day.  The mere negative connotation given them in recent years and the abuse thereof make this indeed a difficult hurdle to overcome in the election process IF the GOP proceeds with this effort.  The real answer is of course cutting spending - a topic rarely on the table in DC or in Oklahoma for that matter./sc)