Dan Fisher: Only GOP Candidate Not Receiving Contributions From Step Up

IMG_2310.JPGBy Dan Fisher
I am the only gubernatorial candidate who hasn’t received financial contributions from “Step Up Oklahoma.”
Of course the establishment guys running against me say they oppose tax hikes but, after accepting $50,000 from the wannabe oligarchs running “Step Up Oklahoma – Todd Lamb’s “opposition” has dwindled. Now he outright favors expanding sales tax collections by potentially billions. Mick Cornett, who says raising taxes is not his first instinct, has accepted over $30,000 from the “Step Up” cabal and it now appears that his “instincts” have change.
Funny how large campaign donations can help ‘clarify’ a candidate’s positions.
The reason that I am the only gubernatorial candidate not receiving financial support from “Step Up Oklahoma” supporters is because they know that I cannot be bought.
PS: For the record I think Mick’s instincts always have been and always will be to raise and create new taxes. Cornett’s entire political career has been built around raising taxes.