Cheryl Williams: Dangerous Game

By Cheryl Williams During the past seven years, the Legislature and Gov. Fallin have played a very dangerous game with the future of our state. During every one of the past seven years, they have taken money from various state agency funds and replaced it with borrowed money, including about $500 million from the state road funds. All “the sky is falling” and wringing of hands is nothing more than a ploy to get hard-working Oklahomans to pay up to cover up the greed and mismanagement that has been replete at 23rd and Lincoln.
All the money in the world will not fix the continued mismanagement of state funds. In recent months, we have learned that $30 million has been mismanaged (that we know of) at the Department of Health; unknown amounts have been mismanaged at the Deparmentt of Tourism; there are still 500-plus school districts with the majority of them unwilling to spend 60 percent of their funds on the classroom (including teacher pay increases) but who can buy out superintendents’ contracts.  Add to the mix that the state coffers have more money than ever and it reaffirms what every sane taxpayer knows:  More money will not fix the mismanagement!  It’s time to just say no more taxes!
Photo credit: Cheryl Williams and her husband John from Facebook profile Source post