Oklahoma Watchman: Oklahoma Legislators Raised Taxes On Those Who Can Least Afford It.

Why is it when politicians do something they know the citizens will disapprove of, they always do it at the end of a day and leave hoping that nobody has heard about their decision to put the shaft to the working poor and middle class again? Could it be that the legislators are financially better off than the rest of us? Yes, we do remember a time a few years back when they tried to raise the bar so high that the average citizen could never afford to run for office. That was swiftly shut down. Instead of being honest with themselves and the citizens of this state they came like thieves in the night and robbed the citizens by adding additional taxes on several items just to feed a bunch of greedy school teachers whose results are far from stellar.
We give a tip of the hat to the Oklahomawatch.org for their fine reporting on this article (archived link). Do we think the teachers need a pay raise, yes. Do we think it's worth a billion dollars that they are asking for? No way in hell. While classroom size was growing in this state schools invested in administrators instead of teachers. A prime example would be the Tulsa School System. Two years ago, they laid off 174 administrators and 120 teachers. The salary of some of those laid off administrators and teachers led to double digit pay increases for all but two of the senior administration staff. The one exception was the Superintendent. She refused to accept a hike in her pay.
Although not directly related to pay, we can't help but wonder who gave the teachers and administrators the right to use our children like this. Teachers and Administrators may think that they have the authority to do so, but they don't. If a student in Oklahoma wants to participate in a protest like this or to show support of their teachers, then they must have the written consent of their parents. This kind of crap, and yes, we said crap, is the results of the failure to teach History and Social Studies to our students. They are no longer able to tell fact from fiction and they fall for the teachings of a union that follows a communist banner.
Now the next article we found here proved to be rather interesting. We searched the records for the House Bills for both of the last two regular sessions and both of the special sessions and we could not find anything on this bill. We know they passed it simply because they bragged about it right along with the Governor. So, we kept on digging.
We next went to the records of the Senate to see if they had any information. We found this copy of the bill itself. To open this link you will need a PDF reader, but it is well worth the time and effort. It raises serious doubt about the administration of the House under its current leadership.
Now we do know that the bill made its way through the House. During our research we were able to discover the House Voting Record on the bill. We have yet to make a determination, but there is something not right about the way this bill was passed. Why was there no record of the bill in the House yet we found the votes from the House in the Senate information?
The next item we found was the Senate voting record on this bill here.Now we've known for a long time that the Senate was owned and operated by the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. You might as well say they own the House as well. A former official and the current Speaker accomplish what the Chamber wants done. In fact, they are so intertwined that they are pushing policies that will fail to see growth in the state and only push more of our tax payer dollars into corporate welfare. These tired old men running the State, Oklahoma City and Tulsa Chambers of Commerce have taken it upon themselves to decide on a legislative agenda for the entire state. They should be order to disband immediately as they are operating as more of an illegal political party that is not registered with the state than as representatives of the business industry.
Old Mary Fallin just couldn't act fast enough to sign that bill either. With the great work from Jamison Faught at the Muskogeepolitico.com we found this article. She sure was in a hurry to through a, as she described it, signing party. Despite the scandal at the Health Department and that of her favorite drunk. Who has been forced out of office for spousal abuse, she couldn't wait to drive more businesses away from the state due to ever increasing taxes and the ever-expanding turnpike system. For her last year in office she has finally got the tax increase she's been looking for. Just like Marie Antoinette, she tells the working class to let them eat cake.
By the legislature passing those tax increases and the Governor signing them is not the end of the fight. We found this article also from the Muskogeepolitico.com letting the people know the fight is not over. We have taken the time to provide you with the names of the Representatives and Senator