MuskogeePolitico: 794 candidates file for office, plus some stats

Candidate filing closed at 5pm today, and the Oklahoma State Election Board announced that a record 794 candidates signed up to run for office. A few takeaways: 198 nonpartisan candidates filed for District and Associate District Judge positions. The remainder were partisan offices -- everything from State House to Governor. 329 Republicans filed; 55.8% of partisan candidates (compared to 46.75% of registered voters statewide). 230 Democrats filed; 26.7% of partisan candidates (38.18% of registered voters statewide) 14 Libertarians filed; 2.2% of partisan candidates (0.24% of registered voters statewide) 23 Independents filed; 3.7% of partisan candidates (14.82% of registered voters statewide) Statewide candidates: 32 Republicans, 13 Democrats, 4 Libertarians, 5 Independents U.S. House candidates: 16 Republicans, 21 Democrats, 1 Libertarian, 2 Independents State Senate candidates: 46 Republicans, 30 Democrats, 0 Libertarians, 4 Independents State House candidates: 210 Republicans, 152 Democrats, 9 Libertarians, 11 Independents District Attorney candidates: 25 Republicans, 14 Democrats, 0 Libertarians, 1 Independent. I'll go through the candidate list in another post later. You can view the list (including in downloaded formats) here.

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