OK-SAFE, INC Corporation Dissolved – Summary of Accomplishments

On April 20, 2018, the board of OK-SAFE, Inc. met to dissolve the corporation which was formed in late 2006.  The corporation was originally formed to prevent the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) transportation system from coming into the state of Oklahoma and has a long list of accomplishments to its credit beyond that successful effort.  Board President Ken Sellers praised the work done and all agreed that the efforts would live on in many forms.  Executive Director Amanda Teegarden who did much of the research over the years said, “It was the best work experience of my career”.

The list of accomplishments include: expanding awareness and stopping TTC at Oklahoma’s border, organizing Defending America’s Sovereignty Conferences in Tulsa and OKC, publishing numerous position papers on such topics as Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), the Real ID Act, SuperCorridors, Fusion Centers, Sustainable Development, Earmarks, Healthcare Reform (“Obama Care”) and Insurance Exchanges, hosting America in the Balance radio shows, and conducting legislative training sessions.

Website information will be archived and continue to be available as needed for the foreseeable future thanks to the generosity of Ken Sellers:


(America in the Balance)

Shortly after the 2010 death of well-known researcher Joan Veon, her family donated the entire contents of her personal library to OK-SAFE.  This  material included over a 1,000 books, all of her research and reporting on global affairs, manuscripts, DVDs, interviews, and papers.  All of this material has been inventoried and donated to the Oklahoma Wesleyan University library where it will eventually be known as the Joan Veon Collection, available to both students and the public. For more information on times of availability and access information please contact the OKWU library at 918-335-6298.

Contact: Amanda Teegarden for more information

Here is a more detailed list of OK-SAFE accomplishments via Scribd.