Jason Murphey: Article Number 585: Thank You! I Will Always Remember



585 weeks ago, as the 2007 legislative session commenced, I wrote the first in this series of articles. This week, the 2018 legislative session ends. It’s my last regular session as your state representative, and this will be the last in this series of articles.

Please do know that I have not taken for granted the many kindnesses that you have provided to me over the past twelve years.

You have continued to take the time to read my weekly emails or their newspaper article counterparts even though they are all-too-often a bit nuanced. Your kind words of response—both positive feedback and constructive suggestion—provided the encouragement and inspiration to keep writing each week.

Time and again, you said that you were praying for me. I absolutely believe in the value and the impact of those prayers and I cannot thank you enough for them.

You allowed me to continue serving you, even though I had no inclination to play the political game of trading votes. In fact, I always knew that I would disappoint you if I devolved into a politician who gauged success by the amount of other people’s largess brought back to our district. I knew better than to break this trust.

It wasn’t hard for me to represent and aggressively advocate for the values of innovation, transparency and small, constitutional, limited government. Voting was an easy and even an enjoyable task because I grew to know the values of the Oklahoma and Logan county constituency, and I always knew that I was representing those values with my votes.

You were a great employer, endowed with comity; consistent and predictable your views; and easy to work for and represent.

For the prerogative of working for you, I am most grateful. Your kindnesses have not been taken for granted or forgotten—and they never will be.

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Jason Murphey is a State Representative for Oklahoma HD31. He represents South Logan County, North Edmond, Deer Creek and Guthrie. Murphey is a leader in the effort to reduce the size of state government. Because he refuses gifts and campaign contributions from lobbyists and groups that hire lobbyists he agressively leads this effort without being constrained by the demands of the special interests. You can see more of his work here >>> www.hd31.org