Tapp into Common Sense: VETO REFERENDUM PETITION FILED – Ready to Sign!

Many have inquired when they would be able to sign the Voter Referendum Petition to give the people of Oklahoma the opportunity to reject or retain the largest wealth redistribution tax increase  passed in Oklahoma history  (half a billion dollars) by the State Legislature and Governor.  The moment has arrived and below is the press release from Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite!


May 1, 2018


The passage of House Bill 1010XX in March was the largest tax hike in our state history. Taxes were raised without any fiscally responsible requests for audits and ultimate reforms. People are rightfully angry with a system that keeps coming back to the people making monetary demands through taxation rather than cleaning up the obvious fraud or mismanagement (or theft) in far too many state agencies.

Each month there is a new scandal revealed with several millions (or hundreds of millions) of dollars missing. Last week, $230 Million missing from Oklahoma Department of Transportation was revealed. The taxpayers are fed up.
Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! has been in contact with legislative leadership and has requested reforms and supported several well-meaning bills, only to be thrown out and not heard by this legislature. Thankfully the Oklahoma State Constitution allows for the people of Oklahoma to have the ultimate power through their vote at the ballot box through a Veto Referendum. Let those who pay, have a say!

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! has responded to the cry of the taxpayer. Oklahomans are concerned and dismayed at the handling of our finances for many years and are filing a veto referendum petition for circulation to allow the citizens of Oklahoma the opportunity to vote on the repeal of HB1010XX. This veto, if successful, will force the legislature to do the work of the needed deep dives, investigations and discovery regarding Oklahoma taxpayers’ money.
Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! starts collecting the necessary signatures today to have HB1010XX placed on the ballot for a vote of the people.

You can find out how to sign the petition at http://www.oklahomataxpayersunite.com.

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite! is an all grassroots force and we welcome your participation. To join our effort, please fill out the volunteer form on our website and also subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates.

To donate to our effort, there is a secure donate button on our website, thank you for anything you can help with!

Kenny Bob Tapp About Kenny Bob Tapp
As an Oklahoman, Kenny Bob Tapp is passionate about fighting for the unalienable right to life of the unborn, the right to keep and bear arms, the right to unregulated private property ownership, and reducing the size of government, thus reducing taxation and spending. To effect these Oklahoma values, he believes it is citizen legislators and statesmen, rather than career politicians, that will do it. It is his belief that in protecting the unalienable rights given to us by the Creator, the basics for government as found in the Constitution, and the basics for personal responsibility as found in the 10 Commandments. Kenny Bob Tapp and his wife Rachel work on their family ranch in Northern Cimarron County in the OK Panhandle. Tapp is a Oklahoma Panhandle 4th generation rancher. His great Grandfather Edmond Pendleton Tapp bought their ranch in the 50's and soon turned it into a Beefmaster cow/calf operation which is continued to this day. Kenny Bob Tapp was a 2012 Republican National Delegate in Tampa, Florida, Past Cimarron County Republican Chairman (2009-2013) and Former Republican Candidate for Sate House District 61 (2014). Kenny Bob has been involved in fighting for Pro-Life, Property Rights, 2nd Amendment issues as an involved citizen for many years. Kenny Bob Tapp for Tapp into Common Sense