Sooner Politics: Sen. Dahm Begins Petition For Special Session

Tonight Senator Nathan Dahm Issued a statement at the Tulsa Republican Assembly. He announced a petition of the legislative members, calling a special session for later this summer. He was joined by Rep. Sean Roberts who is joining the effort as the House sponsor. The two said they already have reached out to some colleagues and are getting strong support.  This kind of move bypasses the Governor and denies her the opportunity to set the agenda of such a session.
Senator Dahm plans a formal press briefing Wednesday morning, where he'll detail the scope of the session.  He told SoonerPolitics; "We know that the likelihood of a special session is high already, given the issues of a veto referendum of the massive tax package just passed. The teachers do not want their pay raise held up by a constitutional stay of the enacted tax increase."
There is fear that schools will be unable to properly  budget for the upcoming school year and teachers don't believe the state should have made that raise contingent on the tax increase because the tax revenue collections are set for a massive surplus of more that double the total price of the raises. The legislature can detach the raise from the tax very easily, allowing schools to get on with the new school year. Read the full article at Oklahoma's Political News service, .