OK2A 2018 Political Endorsements and Grades

2018 Survey Grades and endorsements by OK2A for the June 26th primary. This is NOT a final list and may have more candidates and incumbents added.
2018 Endorsements for the House of Representatives, as of June 5, 2018 Incumbents: Jeff Coody Jon Echols Chuck Strohm George Faught Kevin West Bob Cleveland Greg Babinec Lewis Moore Sean Roberts Carl Newton Zack Taylor Tom Gann Avery Frix Travis Dunlap Tess Teague Kevin McDugle Justin J.J. Humphrey Charles McCall Kyle Hilbert Mark Lawson Ryan Martinez Josh West Todd Russ Rhonda Baker Scott McEachin Mike Ritze Tammy West Scooter Park
2018 Endorsements for the Senate, as of June 5, 2018 Incumbents: James Leewright Kim David Marty Quin Mark Allen Frank Simpson Stephanie Bice
  Candidate Survey Grades for Senate SD 6 David Bullard, “A” Survey Erick P. Wyatt, “A” Survey SD 10 Amber Roberts, “A” Survey” – ENDORSED SD 20 Aiya Kelley, “A” Survey Chuck Hall, ‘A” Survey SD 22 Leslie NesSmith, “A” Survey SD 36 Dana Prieto, “A” Survey David Dambroso, “A” Survey SD 40 Joe Howell, “A” Survey – ENDORSED Senator Yen has a “D-” rating House Districts HD 2 Jim Olsen, “A” – ENDORSED HD 5 Josh Russell, “A” Survey HD 27 David Spaulding, “A” – ENDORSED HD 31 Barry Niles, “B” Survey Rod Baker, “A” Survey Garry Mize, “A” Survey HD 41 Denise Crosswhite Hader, “A” – ENDORSED Roxanne Pollard, “A” HD 43 Jay Steagal, “A” – ENDORSED HD 61 Colton Buckley, “A” – ENDORSED HD 68 Nicole Nixon, “A” – ENDORSED HD 76 Ross Ford, “C” voting grade for 2018 Shelley Brumbaugh, “A” Survey – ENDORSED HD 94 Jason Sansone, “A” Survey
Other Kevin Calvey, Oklahoma County Commissioner – ENDORSED Marven Goodman, Logan County Commissioner – ENDORSED Rex Duncan, District Attorney, District 10, Incumbent – ENDORSED Cindy Bird, State Auditor, “A” – ENDORSED