NRA Endorsement goes to Nathan Dahm!

Today, I’m proud to announce that I have received the exclusive endorsement from the National Rifle Association in our race for Congress.
There’s a reason the NRA has given me their full support. Time and again, I have supported the 2nd Amendment — not with just words, but with action. This endorsement by the NRA is further proof that we need to elect conservatives who will back up their campaign promises with real action.
In two short weeks, conservatives will head to the polls in Oklahoma. We’re not going to waste one minute. In Congress, you’ll be able to count on me to defend your constitutional rights — especially your right to bear arms. But right now, I’m counting on you. Will you formerly/ (archived link) to our campaign and help us get the word out about this major endorsement?

formerly/ (archived link)

The 2nd Amendment has never been under attack like this before. Across the nation, liberals are openly campaigning on stripping away the 2nd amendment and your rights with it. Not on my watch. I will unapologetically defend the 2nd Amendment from these liberal attacks. Will you stand with me? Your donation will make a difference.
Thank you for your generous support! For the People, Nathan Dahm

[For more information on Nathan Dahm via OKGrassroots.]