Colton Buckley For State House: Your Conservative Candidate With No Strings Attached

IMG_2843 Having seen first hand, the detrimental effects to Oklahoma and the control the powers that be such as Fount Holland, Trebor Wortham, and the State Chamber hold over the process gives me great concern for not only the present, but for our children’s future. These power brokers have wielded higher taxes and more government control over We The People in Oklahoma the last several years through the governor and 80% of the state legislature they have put into office. Colton Buckley is the only candidate in this race not under the influence of these corrupt power brokers, thus the only candidate who will unwaveringly fight for the interests of We The People of the Panhandle and Northwest Oklahoma. Please join me in our fight for Life and Liberty and in supporting Colton Buckley for Oklahoma House District 61!   For Liberty, Kenny Bob Tapp       IMG_2842.JPG Colton Buckley

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