Oklahoma Watchman: A Candidate who Seldom Votes Wants Yours

It's not often that we come across a candidate for office who fails to vote repeatedly. Those that fail to vote, not only those seeking office, have failed to let their voice be heard. We often wonder why these individuals fail to vote. By not voting they have failed to exercise their Constitutional right of a voice in the decision making for the state and the federal governments. Such is the case for one candidate for the office of Governor of Oklahoma.
What brought our attention to this problem was a piece of investigative journalism from the group Oklahomawatch.org. We encourage you to read the story at this link. It is a very well written article.
We next came across an article concerning campaign financial reports. When we last reported on his campaign we were unable to locate these reports. You can read the report in this article.
We next came upon an article by the www.SoonerPolitics.org. This editorial raises a real question. We urge you to open this link, read the article and let us know who you believe is the true populist candidate.
We next went to his web site at www.stittforgovernor.com and really could not believe what we found on the leading page. Numerous allegations have been made about him and his company. All the allegations have been verified. His lead off page we found this alleged fact check. There is no indication of who actually completed the fact check. For all we know he could have completed it himself. He needs to provide a reference.
We next went to the issues page of his web site, and found nothing that any candidate running for any office in the state is saying. In a slap to the public, we get tired of hearing what the candidates say they'll do and never get it done. He's telling people what they want to hear. To date we have been unable to locate a single plan that is detailed enough to be useful in the decision of who to vote for. He's attempting to ride the coat tails of President Trump in being the complete outside the establishment candidate. Frankly these types of promises are the reason that voter turn out is so low.
We did find an article that defended Mr. Stitt. We've included the article here. It our opinion it fails to prove that any of the allegations against Mr. Stitt are untrue. We invite you to open the link and read the article. It will be your opinion that matters at the voting booth on Tuesday.
We found one unusual Veterans group that has endorsed Mr. Stitt. You can visit the post at this link. We actually visited the site and found that they have consistently contributed to liberal Republicans. That should tell you a lot by itself.
We did go to the ok.gov/ethics committee site to see what information they had on his campaign finances report. We invite you to visit this site and complete the form to find the information for yourself. The reports were available at the time. What we found unusual was in reports for the last several attempts were actually posted semi-hourly over a two day stretch. We were able to verify that Mr. Stitt is matching his contribution dollar for dollar. This is the only way he is remaining competitive by matching those donations.
There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from this information. Mr. Stitt has not earned the right to be the contender for the seat as Governor of this state. He has proven that he is no different than establishment politicians that are running for office. He's using the same rhetoric as the establishment politicians. He is not an outsider trying to get in.
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