R3publicans: The Previews Are Over, It’s Showtime, The World Is Watching

Here is the X22 Report video explaining Q posts 1828 – 1840. These were posted on Aug 9 & 10. It seems that things are heating up and the prosecutions should begin any time now. The actual deciphering was mostly done by Neon Revolt. There are several things worth noting such as a DOJ 757 landed at the Little Rock airport and loaded what appears to be a plane full of documents. The Clinton Foundation happens to be in Little Rock. Is there a connection? For high resolution picture select this. Full Size “Enjoy the Show”
In the video it refers to a Flowchart. Again for high resolution picture select this. Full Size   For those unfamiliar with the Q-Anon movement go to this previous post. Q – The Plan To Save The World And this is just a summary of the work done by Neon Revolt and the X22 Report. summary via R3publicans

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