Open Letter from Randy Barnett: Reasons Hern is the better choice for the run-off Aug 28th for your consideration

Dear Pastors, Elders and Faithful Patriots —
I want to start by thanking you for your support and desire to see a campaign for Congress uphold the highest principles of the Declaration, of the Constitution & the standards of Biblical conduct. The American tradition of direct involvement of and by the clergy in selecting civil leadership arises from the earliest colonial periods.  When pastors led their fellow servants of God into direct battle with the forces of a tyrant named King George, the Lord provided the means of miraculous victory for a new Republic to be born.  Many of our American forefathers died in battle, were murdered and lost family members in their stand for religious and civil liberties which they KNEW TO BE IMPERATIVE.
Dan Fisher’s book  “Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment” provides exhaustive detail of the sacrifices made by the clergy and the faithful  members of their congregations throughout New England, Virginia  and the South. Let me recommend that historical book as an essential to your studies.
Sermons on the election of godly leaders were once preached emphatically by faithful, God-fearing ministers who delivered the Word of truth according to the commandment of Christ and the directives of His apostles.  Romans 13 recognizes a higher law than man’s statutory laws, –even, the rule of law,  as does the commands of Leviticus & Proverbs — to show not partiality in judging — to rich or poor.
Today we are confronted by choices for civil leadership that demand our most serious attention and discernment on ethical and moral character as revealed by patterns of behavior.  In addition to confessions or testimonials from a candidate, his performance on the job reveals more than any amount of religious posturing and moral proclamations.
Thank you for praying  … that people would have hearts and minds opened, anointed to recognize and appoint their servants for a true Biblical civil government.
Our 1st District race for Congress became heated as candidates attempted to present a Christian witness before Republican precinct leaders and then the electorate.  We recognized Andy Coleman’s service via Voice of the Martyrs and others in their professions and churches.   Nathan Dahm has provided outstanding leadership in the Oklahoma Senate.  Andy and Nathan deserve the fullest appreciation for their service.
When a candidate for office has a record that is public and available for scrutiny, we believe that every voter deserves to weigh that information in its proper context, detailed and complete.  Since many voters will not discover the full story and record of a candidate, we seek to inform them through party activists, patriots, pastors and elders.
It is with this need in mind that I feel compelled to share with you the fullest available public record on Tim Harris as District Attorney.  Both local media and official filings, which include court records, have recorded key events that involved Tim Harris directly.  In certain critical matters of public import and safety, we can judge how Tim Harris has conducted himself and derive a reliable measure of his worthiness for higher public office.
Attached to this letter are the reports, links and statements that reveal a man whose public actions do not match his confessions and statements and that appear to be misleading many, in particular his primary claim of being a public servant rather than a politician.  Mr. Harris and some of Tulsa’s wealthier, more Left-wing folks may believe that he is qualified to serve them in Congress, but I believe wholeheartedly that Kevin Hern desires to serve all of the People of Oklahoma and the First District in Congress.
To represent all people!
I ask you to please read the public record of Tim Harris as District Attorney, submitted by PDF attachment (link at bottom of post), and discuss it with those whom you love and respect.  Consider his disregard of the public interest in various occasions, which include severe lapses of character and of judgment.  Specifically, to undermine the will of the People in a Grand Jury, as revealed in the 16 page PDF, is a transgression that exceeds his other failings (releasing illegal immigrants, withholding key evidence in a murder trial that saw an 18 year old girl locked up 20 years until a judicial review and a judge found Harris in error, and declared her NOT GUILTY  [not merely an acquittal])
In 2013, the Tulsa DA,  Tim Harris, acting as “Legal Advisor”, used his statutory position to favor a corrupt City Manager and cronies to sabotage a Grand Jury, to actually mislead the jury.  He exceeded his duties in a failed attempt to get the grand jury dismissed over a technicality, which the Judge overruled. (see attached pdf for details)
Harris betrayed the public in numerous ways, violating his duties and any oath to uphold the laws of the state of Oklahoma.
  • 8 counts of misconduct are irrefutable. (I personally know two of the key witnesses of his behavior)
  • 10 possible / probable violations of Oklahoma statutes
I would call on Tim Harris to come forward in this matter and confess his misdeeds, which you’ll see are inexcusable;  confess & apologize for the benefit of Owasso citizens and taxpayers, and all the People of 1st District and Oklahoma.
Speaking as a supporter of Hern for Congress–  (not a spokesman, [ and not my first choice ] ), the Hern Campaign has made the most of available resources to address negative aspects of its opponents.  When warranted, they are addressed. But the exposure of Tim Harris was not on anyone’s radar during the primary.  (He got a free pass.)  The media have failed to address much at all.
I believe the totality of this campaign is and should be a CONSTRUCTIVE and HONEST look at the future.  (i.e.  “Negative Campaigns” with smears and half-truths are not helpful)  Any such tactics, we would denounce and renounce.  However, we will not shrink from direct and concise statements based on facts and evidence.
Furthermore, as a friend and early supporter of Jim Bridenstine in 2012, I would call on Jim to set the record straight on Kevin Hern’s support for him before and after the infamous push-poll of 2016.  If Jim and Wayne Bridenstine (and others endorsers) knew of the Tim Harris betrayal and duplicity as Tulsa DA , I do not believe they could endorse him in good conscience.
Submitted respectfully,  in Liberty (1776 ) —
Psalm 94:16
Randy Barnett
USMC veteran — Intel /Aviator
MA Public Policy
Attached pdf file (in email) linked in google docs for online publication (pdf file downloadable)