Oklahoma Watchman: Sen. Sharp’s Inner RINO


If you want to know how corrupt an organization is, all you need to do is follow the money. We did that with Senator Ron Sharp. What we found is a conflict of interest between his duties that defy any explanation. Sure, people will say that he's a retired teacher whose knowledge of the field should be a benefit to the committee. If is integrity would allow him to work for the people of the state instead of the special interest groups, it would be. We found that his loyalties lay with the special interest groups.
We started by going to his official state web site. What we found has become common practice among state legislators. It contained no real information about the Senator that we didn't already know about him. All brag and no way to get an idea about the individual,
We next went to this site and were surprised to find that Wikipedia didn't have a single message of support for him. In fact, his page indicated the following "This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification." This quote was dated 2015. This gives the appearance of hiding something. This man works for the people of Oklahoma. We find ourselves again asking the question of what is he hiding?
We next came across  this stunning article from the OklahomaWatch.org. In the article he is asked "What should people know about you?" His reply provided indicated his lack of knowledge about the state's constitution. We quote the answer in the article "I'm a 38-year educator. I am very concerned about the fiscal condition of public education. That is the only obligation in our Oklahoma Constitution-to properly fund public education-and we're doing a very poor job of doing that." He should review the Oklahoma Constitution again. There is a second obligation that it makes. The Oklahoma Constitution obligates the state to hold a State Constitutional Convention every 20-years. We have not had one since 1974. That is an indication of an illegal government operation since 1994. The Senator has been in office for six-years now. Is he going to submit legislation to hold a State Constitutional Convention in the upcoming legislative calendar? We have found no indication that he plans on it. We must also ask why didn't you object to the hiring rate of administrators to teachers was at 4 administrators for every new teacher?
We next went to www.votesmart.org to see what information they had on the Senator. This is what we found. There was additional information here about the man. We recognize his academic and athletic accomplishments and congratulate him on his achievements. What was puzzling though was where did he become qualified as an athletic instructor? We failed to find any reference to athletics in this biography.
We next went to his voting record on key votes here. Those key votes indicated his willingness to cut taxes at first, but changed before the end of his first term to indicate his willingness to over tax the people and give businesses a tax break. We also found two votes that truly indicate bias. The first example was as follows
Mar. 26, 2015 HB 1749 Prohibits Payroll Deductions for Public Employee Organizations. He voted Nay. This is consistent with a bias towards Public Employee Unions.
Mar.13, 2018 SB 1140 Authorizes Child Placement Agencies to Deny Services Based on Religion. He voted Yea. This bill would indicate a bias against certain religions. It is the opinion of the staff here that this bill is very un-Constitutional by allowing placement based on religious affiliation.
We next went to the Political Courage page here. We ask you to open the link and read it for yourselves. You'll see that "Ron Sharp has refused to provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2016 Political Courage Test, despite repeated request from Vote Smart and voters like you," This is a tactic used by politicians that allows them to tell the voters what they want to hear instead of how the candidate truly feel about a subject.
We next went to this section. This is another link that you should open and read for yourselves. The scores on this page indicate that he has a more favorable attitude towards businesses than he does about the people. These ratings are indicative of his voting record. It indicates the willingness to tax the workers and let companies slide.
We next went to this site to look at his Campaign Finances. We ask that you understand that these figures are from his 2016 campaign and were compiled by www.followthemoney.org. We ask that you open this link and scroll down through the list of top contributors. Yes, there are many individual donor's listed, however the highest contributors were all special interest groups. This explains his scores in the evaluation section. His votes have been bought.
We went to this article next. Here you'll find a more inclusive voting record of the Senator's. You'll also see that he is voting based on opinion polls. He's basing his vote on those that yell the loudest. This is another tactic used more often by liberals.
We next went this site. We can only urge you to open this link and read the information for yourselves. This site will show you his entire political career. It will show you the votes made by the citizens from the first ballots of 2012.
We next went this site. This will show you some of the bills and how he voted on them. It will also indicate if the bill passed the Senate or not. We can't help but wonder if they are selected by the person they are reporting on gave them the selected entries themselves.
We then found this article. We find it disturbing that not one, but two educators are trying to separate the Public-School Athletic competition from those of the Private Schools. It's particularly disturbing that a state Senator, retired teacher and coach would make a move like this. It indicates that the teacher's union is pulling strings.
We next came to this article. We do agree that the current standards were not properly considered. We do not agree that eliminating all administrative positions would change the percentages for the school district education cost. Basing on text books and teachers alone is insufficient. The cost of teacher's aides, internet technology, counselor's, librarians and bus drivers should be included in the percentage. What is going on here is a seeking of ways to once again lower state spending on education. Those districts that have English Language Learners should be able to count the instructor as an education expense. At the rate this state is going, the system is simply dumbing down the quality of education that our children get.
 In closing we can say that Senator Sharp is a fine example of why the citizens of the State of Oklahoma need the ability to recall their elected officials. It also shows the need to stop out of state searches for Superintendents of our schools. There are many educators out there that are fully qualified to be Superintendents within the state Public School System. We say hire from within. All proposals we've seen never address teacher performance. How do we, as citizens, expect to have a better education system when districts are using emergency hires. Many of the districts have savings accounts that range as high as over $800 thousand dollars. That money could have been used to hire those or keep those teachers in the state. We should also demand that the GPA for a new teacher be raised from a 2.5 GPA for education majors.