Oklahoma Watchman: The Taxing Ways of Josh West

It would be nice if we didn't have to reveal our own legislators' transgressions. Unfortunately, this is not the case here. It was a little over a year ago that we informed the public about the individual soon to be mentioned here. As our mission is to tell the truth about our legislators' we started at the beginning again.
We started by going to his official web site which you can find here. There is nothing new here that wasn't available last year. If anything, it's more secretive about his personal life. He is a former Marine who is giving them a bad name for his current actions. He is serving his own interest instead of those that put him into office.
The next article of interest we found was this. The page is interesting. It does show the voting of the individuals who elected him. We also found in the Sponsored Legislation that he is very good at Honoring every organization that serves as a group or illness. We would expect more from our legislators. Like so many others, he fell far from our expectations.
We next went to his campaign web site here. Unlike numerous of his liberal colleagues, he does include the party that he is running for. We also looked at his issues page. He says everything that a person seeking office believes what the public wants to hear. He has been successful at his work for businesses but has failed miserably at protecting the people who elected him.
The next article we found was this. We question why an elected official living in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area would ever need to collect per-diem. We were unable to verify that he has actually used or collected per-diem, but it shouldn't be offered to those within a short commute to begin with.
We consider the per-diem as an unwarranted payment to those that use it and live locally.
We next went to www.votesmart.org to see what information they had available on him. We urge you to open this link and read for yourselves. This only solidifies that he is in it for the businesses and not his constituents.
We then went to the biography section here. The only thing we found new here was the fact that he ran for election in House District 44 in 2004. There is an indication of his being in the Marine Corps, but he has indicated that he joined the military right after 9/11. Dates would have been appreciated if they had been included.
We next went to the voting records page here. Going by his voting record we can say that he has never met a tax increase he didn't like. It appears that he is either unaware that Republicans are supposed to stand for lower taxes and a smaller government or he's a Democrat and only using the Republican brand because he knows he'd never get elected as a Democrat.
We next went to the Political Courage page located here. This page only indicates that he has no political courage. It also negates the agenda section of his campaign web site simply because he won't tell the public where he stands on any issue.
We next went to the Ratings and endorsement section. We urge you to open this link and read it for yourself. We find it remarkable that he is wishy washy on the business end of things. It appears that he works for them harder during election season than in non-election years. The one item that we found to be pretty steady throughout his career was the continuous downward scores he receives from those groups interested in Conservative activity.
We next went to the Campaign Finance section. This report was compiled by the www.followthemoney.org. Right from the beginning we knew we would have to dig deeper. We found two organizations that contributed to his campaign, but we could find no information on doing a search with several different search engines. Could this be dark money that went to his campaign?
The next article of interest we found was this. It's an article from the New York Times. Why would such a liberal paper as the Times run a story about a Republican unless it was bad news. Is this an indication as to how liberal he is? We don't know but would like to find out.
Then we came across this interesting article. We don't believe that this is an endorsement, We feel that this is for informational purposes of the residents.
We then came across this article. It indicates that he had some competition during his first election cycle. It's amazing he never seems to draw this many opponents during the current election cycle.
We next found this informative site. Some of the items he has sponsored are just plain stupid. Do we really need to collect fees and issue hunting licenses for the people who own the land? We think not. Some of these are pieces of legislation that will get his name in the History books. Most of it is unwarranted legislation that does nothing but eat up the time they have in session. It's no wonder that they can't get things done in the House.
The next article of interest we found was really disturbing. TSET was formed with the intentions of trying to help smoker's stop smoking. This organization refuses to use any funds for the latest medications to help people stop smoking. They will give out medications that are decades old though. They are also using the funds to finance various programs throughout the state. They didn't disclose what the funds are being spent on. It's disgraceful for them to use outdated medications while funding higher education in unknown ways.
Then we found this article. Of course, the Oklahoma Public Employees will support him. Anytime some one dangles campaign finance money out to a known ally, they figure it's well spent, for the yes vote the candidate or incumbent will give them. This is your liberty being bought by partisan hacks.
We must give credit to Oklahoma Watch for this next article. Since the Republican Party took control of the House and Senate, they have gutted a rule limiting how much lobbyist can spend on any member of either chamber. As a result, Rep. Chris Kannady has received last year alone $2,381.00 in gifts and dinners. This is another glaring example of your liberty being sold to companies.
We suspect two organizations have donated to Mr. Kannady's campaign this year. Those organizations are the New Leadership Fund and the John Kennedy Campaign Committee. He is also said to be handing out money to non-Conservatives running for election this year. The leadership of the House is allowing this to happen. We expected nothing less when the Speaker of the House is a former board member of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. Both the OKC and state chambers are now owned and operated by the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. The citizens of this state will suffer because of this.
In closing all we can ask is that you investigate the candidates before you vote. Remember all that has occurred during the Republican reign in both chambers. Remember also that in 2017 it was the Democrats of the House who saved us from getting this unnecessary tax increase a year sooner.