Crystal Clarity: Conservatism vs Libertarianism

Crystal Clarity: Conservatism vs Libertarianism

Well the TeaParty seems to be doing just fine. Rand Paul seems to be keeping himself both within the Conservative ‘run’ TeaParty as well as in the libertarian oriented networks. Nice work Rand. There seems to be some confusion between what is the TeaParty and what is the liberty or freedom movement.

The TeaParty originally began in 2007 by the Presidential Candidate Ronald Paul of Texas. His supporters, crafty and creative decided to perform a mock Tea Party by throwing boxes in to the harbor. The boxes represented the Federal Reserve System, Foreign Wars Abroad, IRS etc. Soon after that, the Ron Paul Revolution March on Washington D.C. 2008. Naturally the news outlets did not cover the event. But for the supporters of Ron Paul, seeing the thousands of marchers on D.C. proudly waving the flags of freedom and liberty was a grand moment in time.

In that same year, conservatives squarely attacked the libertarian feel that Ron Paul brought to the table and they new that the Ron Paul Revolution would only gain strength.

2009/2010 – enter Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and a handful of other Conservative (Neo-Conservative) radio talk show hosts and television celebrities. All of who previously ridiculed Ron Paul during the election of 2008, were now preaching the same tone and in some cases the precise same message that only a year earlier Ron Paul had been promoting.

Enter the Neo-TeaParty.

There is what is known as the left/right paradigm. And for those of you who are unaware of what that is. The left and the right (the Democrats and the Republicans) are in truth promoting the same agenda, and it is not liberty. The left/right paradigm is simply the continued belief that the Democrats and the Republicans are in some way foes to each other. The paradigm requires false or minor disagreements between the two parties. These minor disagreements are exaggerated or perpetuated by what are known as shills, disenfranchisement agents or divisive controlled opposition personalities. The object is to persuade the American masses that there are only two choices, left or right (conservative or liberal). In truth the political parties are one in the same, so no matter how the American people vote, the Republicrats and the Demopublicans remain in power, never allowing the actual libertarian based masses a real choice.

We have strayed from the original intent of this small article. I set out to show the differences between a conservative and a libertarian and I believe I found it. I wanted to show this because in my reading I find that many TeaParty proponents are a bit confused about what a conservative stands for versus what a libertarian stands for. Generally a conservative will tell you right off the bat that they are for limited government. They may also tell you that they are for a strong national defense and support the troops. Doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with those blanket statements, however they are misleading. The politicians that these conservatives support do not legislate toward small government, they do not provide for the defense of liberty instead wage aggressive undeclared wars in 3rd world countries, and in general provide minimum support to the troops as they must first ensure the defense contracts are fulfilled so as to create a few jobs for their constituents manufacturing new arms and armaments, aircraft and drones or submarines and battleships – what is left over goes to the troops who can’t seem to find enough to pay for groceries without using WIC or Foodstamps, have troubles at the VA Hospital and whom continue to serve year long tours of duty, though the mission is accomplished (twice).

Again we went off on a tangent, so I’ll clear it all up. All of my conservative friends and family members, please understand that the conservatism you understand is not the conservatism your politicians understand. What you call conservatism I call libertarianism. In juxtaposition, what your politicians deem good conservatism is more properly known as National Socialism.

I hereby invite you to join the ranks of the libertarian masses. We have been waiting a very long time to have any say in our government and we welcome you home. Now, if you are a conservative and you are reading this, your head may be tilted a little about know. You may be saying, “what’s this fella talking about anyway?”. Well, I simply wish to point out the differences between a conservative and a libertarian to ensure you are aware that conservative ain’t so conservative.

First let’s review what a conservative believes.


Now remember, a conservative believes in small government and fiscal responsibility, individual liberty, free markets and private property except for:

1. Forced Social Security.
2. Forced Medicare.
3. Forced Medicaid.
4. Welfare.
5. Unconstitutional Drug laws.
6. Government Control over schooling.
7. Federal grants.
8. Economic regulations.
9. Minimum-wage laws and price controls.
10. Federal Reserve System, the Unconstitutional Central Bank.
11. Unconstitutional Paper money.
12. Unconstitutional Income taxation and the IRS.
13. Trade restrictions.
14. Immigration controls.
15. The postal monopoly.
16. Foreign aid.
17. Mass Foreign wars of aggression.
18. Mass Foreign occupations.
19. An overseas military empire draining economy.
20. An unwise standing army and a military-industrial complex.
21. Absolute Infringements on civil liberties.
22. Military detentions, denial of due process and jury trials for citizens & non-citizens (accused) of crimes.
23. Torture and sex abuse of prisoners.
24. Secret kidnappings and “renditions” to brutal foreign regimes for purposes of torture.
25. Secret torture centers around the world.
26. Secret courts and secret judicial proceedings.
27. Warrant-less wiretapping of citizens and non-citizens.
28. Violations of the Constitution and Bill of Rights for purposes of  ensuring the above continues.
29. One last item: Out-of-control federal spending to pay for all this.


Now let us review the libertarian perspective. A libertarian believes in individual liberty, free markets, private property, and limited government. Period.

1. No exceptions.

Conservatives, I ask you to simply review your beliefs versus the reality that the politicians you continue to elect inevitably go the opposite direction for which you hired them. There in lays the rub as to, what truly is the TeaParty? If you listen to Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck we will need to hire a National Socialist to ensure their, not our, way of life. If however you will simply understand that you are not a conservative, you are a libertarian, one who believes that America was rendered great due to our liberty, not due to our conservatism, we will fulfill the dream of our founders.

The Constitution needs you.

Please enjoy the following videos.

Remember how today’s TeaParty movement began. Though the neoconservatives have co-opted much of it. It only matters that you do the right thing and vote based on being an educated and informed citizen. Like it or not, you ARE libertarian. You have nothing to fear but those who use fear to garner power. Above all, liberty.