Vote No On Retention Of Oklahoma Supreme Court Justices Edmondson, Gurich and Kauger

Oklahomans in general have stood for family values and most importantly, for the right to life of our unborn children.  Tragically in Oklahoma, 20 children every day are taken to abortion mills where they are dismembered or chemically burned alive!


In 2012 I had the opportunity to join hundreds of Oklahomans all across the state in gathering signatures for an initiative petition, which recognized life beginning at conception. With enough signatures for the petition, and enough votes ‪November  6th‬ , it would have amended the Oklahoma Constitution protecting life from the moment of conception.  In April, the Oklahoma State Supreme Court opinionated  9-0 that the petition was “unconstitutional” and ordered it stricken. *1  It is deplorable that the entire Supreme Court, in one of the most conservative states in the country would trample our unalienable right to petition our government for a redress of grievances, and would support the continued murdering of our defenseless unborn children.

Fast forward to March 2016, Oklahoma Abolish Abortion Evangelist Thomas Hunter and others introduced another Initiative Petition which would have abolished the murder of our unborn children in Oklahoma.  The Initiative went before a protest hearing and again the Oklahoma Supreme Court opinionated 9-0 that it was “unconstitutional” and prohibited signatures from being gathered on it. *2

‪On November ‬6th, three of the original nine State Supreme Court Justices in those cases will be on our ballot for retention (Justice Patrick Wyrick was recently appointed in 2017 to replace Steven Taylor).  I strongly encourage my fellow Oklahomans to stand for the right to life of Oklahoma’s unborn children and for sure VOTE NO on the retention of James Edmondson, Noma D. Gurich, and Yvonne Kauger to the Oklahoma Supreme Court!

For Life,

Kenny Bob Tapp


*2 formerly/