Oklahoma Watchman: Race For Governor


  We begin this story about Kevin Stitt and some of the background of the candidate. We fail to see how we ever went from the lesser of two evils to the lesser of three evils, but we have. We have a hard time accepting the best of candidates is none. We also have a hard time accepting a candidate for office that shows a definitive inclination to basically buy a political office. That just reeks at the foundations this country and this state were founded on. It's truly a shame that has become Oklahoma and Federal elections have stooped to such a low level.

  There were two items that brought the conclusion that this needed a story. The first is the race for governor and the second is this article. We urge you to open the link and read it for yourself. Can we truly trust the state in the hands of someone like this? We think not. Sadly, most people look only to see if they have an R, D or L to decide. Very few take a hard look at the candidates or check their backgrounds.

The next article we found this.To quote the article He is spending $1.3 million of his personal funds to win an election he hasn't voted in for years." We don't believe that a person like this is capable of running the State of Oklahoma. What we say will most likely not make a difference. Most people will just see the (R) in front of his name and vote for him. Maybe he should spend some of that $1.3 million dollars to settle the current law suit against his company.

That doesn't appear to be the only problem he's facing. We found this article in the Frontier news. Just like a seasoned politician, he's making promises he can't keep. That is what the public to believe. What his real plan is most likely not even been established. The way he slowly raised the microphone was an indication that he didn't have a plan at all. Sadly, many people will believe the line he's selling.

The next bit of information that people need to know was this article. News nine did a "Fact Check "of some of the allegations that have been made against Mr. Stitt. The check was done based on a campaign ad from a Political Action Committee that at the time were supporting Mick Cornett. Not surprisingly, the add proved to be true. Now we ask you to open the article and view it for yourself. There is another side to the story.

The next article we found was this from The Lost Ogle site. It presents that the previous article and fact check was based on simply getting Mr. Stitt elected. This was an obvious truth about the fact checker himself. We encourage you to open both links and read the articles for yourself. There are indications of political bias in both articles.

The next article of interest we found this article from a Tulsa Station KTUL. If we had invested $1.3 million dollars of my own money, I would be fighting back myself. He has put some spin on some of the accusations on some of them. He now claims that he "Voluntarily "surrendered his license in Georgia and paid a fine. If that were true, why did he just get his license to operate in Georgia in June of this year? Why are his company attorneys in federal court this week on a law suit? There are many questions that need to be raised.

We next found this article from Fox News in Oklahoma City. It indicates that he is counting on the fact of him being an outsider. If that were true, then why did so many incumbents win the nomination or the office outright. We find that the leadership of the House had a lot to do with that by financing new people to eliminate as many conservatives as they could. That means the establishment in politics are still running the show.

We next went to www.votesmart.org to see what information they had on Mr. Stitt. We started by going to his biography page here. Since he has no prior political experience, there was little information about him other than just basic facts.
We next went to the evaluation page here. He has only been evaluated by the NRA which gave him a 93% grade. To be honest, we didn't expect any evaluations at all.

We then looked at his campaign finance report located here. Instead of the $1.3 million out of his own pocket, we found that he has invested $3.88 million of his own money. That is more than half the money he raised. We also found that lobbyist have contributed to his campaign. There seemed to be an inordinate amount of people that donated the maximum amount to his campaign. Without going through the Ethics Commission site, we can tell you that the special interest groups have bought him already. This also indicates that he is not a true Conservative.

This concludes our series on the three candidates for Governor, and it's a sad one at that. The conclude that the citizens of this state are in for higher taxes. None of the three candidates truly understand the problems we face in this state. We fear that the next Governor of Oklahoma will lead this state into bankruptcy. There is no lesser of three evils here. They each have their own form of evil and most of it is lying to the voters or just saying what they want to hear. The decision is now in your hands.