Oklahoma Watchman: The Libertarian Governor Candidate


Never before has the establishment politicians and their friends had it so good. They control the invitations to debates and the news media. Because of the control they feel it's unimportant to invite the Libertarian candidate and one Democratic candidate makes jokes about him during a debate. This is tangible proof that we no longer have an unbiased news organization in this country. He and his supporters were just outside.

We started by going to his campaign web site here. Like most politicians today, he has failed to state which party he is running for. We went to his issues page and found several issues that most Oklahomans will agree with and some that most Oklahomans will not agree with. We feel that most Oklahomans would agree with his stance on Education, State Budget, Tax Incentives and his stance on Family Law and Child welfare.

We feel most Oklahomans would not agree with his stance on Criminal Justice reform and the second Amendment. We feel Oklahomans have had enough soft on crime legislation. We also feel that there are to many restrictions on the second Amendment as it is. 

We didn't use his candidate profile from the site as it is kind of weak. We found this article from the OklahomaWatch.org. We'll quote the article and him with this "No other Libertarian is as experienced and prepared to take on the establishment party candidates. I am ready to take Oklahoma in a new direction towards liberty. "We fail to see how adding restrictions to rights under the second Amendment is leading us in a new direction towards liberty.

He aims to appeal to the same anti-establishment voters that helped sweep President Trump into office. It's a good strategy however he fails to get the financial support necessary to do so. He can thank the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce for that.

We next found this article on Wikipedia. As the former Chair of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party we expected to find a history of the activity. If you will open the link you will find that he has basically no profile on Wikipedia.

We were surprised when we found this this article from Ballotpedia. It covers the race for the nomination for the Office of Governor. We were disappointed, but not surprised, when the gave a percentage of votes earned for the establishment political party's but not for the Libertarian Party. This is evidence of how much control the establishment parties have over the process.

The next article we found was a disappointment. We will give Fox News the credit for being the only establishment news channel to report on Mr. Powell's victory. It could have gone into more detail but didn't. It's a mark of disgrace to the rest of the lame stream media.

The next article of interest we found was concerning. All of the candidates acknowledge that things need to change in Oklahoma. None of them, and this was before the primary, recognized the one simple fact that effects Oklahoma's economy and lack of jobs. That is the simple lack of diversity in the market. That lack of diversity is the major reason that most of our children move out of state after the finish their education.
There is a second factor that keeps the state from diversifying. That factor is the extensive Turnpike system in Oklahoma. It drains the middle class and poor of money coming straight out of their pockets. It also has the most Turnpike miles of any state in the union. Large companies ask themselves if it's worth the price of doing business in the state because of the Turnpikes.

The next article we found was this page on issues. We urge people to open tis link and compare it to his campaign web site issues page we wrote about earlier in this report. There are many vague answers and there are also answers that most Oklahoman's don't agree with.

We next went to www.votesmart.org to see what information they had on him. We started with the
biography page here. This is where we stopped as well. This is the only information they had available on Mr. Powell.

In closing all we can say is that there is enough information here that people should look into. We will not endorse a candidate, but we do believe that the lame stream media should report on all candidates fairly. The lack of financial means of this candidate should have been better with fair and equal reporting on him.