Oklahoma Watchman: Is SQ793 Good For Oklahomans?


What brought this to our attention was the many commercials in support of SQ 793 and the sparse commercials from those who0 are opposed to this State Question. There is a saying in politics that says always follow the money. That is what we did. With all the noise and commercials on this subject, we felt that the people needed to understand exactly what State Question 793 all is about.

The first article of interest we found from a Tulsa television station. The individual being interviewed was a practicing Optometrist. He does raise a few valid points to big box stores providing eye care. He claims that the Doctors would be under the supervision of the store and not the state. We found this to be untrue. The petition itself places the optometrist working in these establishment to rules and laws on sanitation as well as maintain a license.

The next article we found was from NewsOk. The question was endorsed by the Oklahoma Silver Legislators. They cited the convenience and lower prices for the individual customer. The convenience is nice, there is no guarantee that prices will be lower. We can't help but think of all the people who lost their jobs due to big box companies. You can't help but wonder how many individuals will lose their jobs because of this State Question.

The next item of interest we found was the State Question itself. We would urge all Oklahoman's open this link and read the bill for yourself. The way the measure is written you'll find that there really isn't a loss of control over those that work in these facilities. It's time to stop the fear tactic and tell the people the truth.

The next article we found was this from www.Ballotpedia.org. There research can leave no doubt in anyone's mind that this is a struggle between the big box stores and the individually owned and operated optometrist stores many have known and used for years. What they found was amazing. Using a quote from their article:

"Ballotpedia identified one committee registered in support of the measure: Yes on 793, Inc. The committee reported a total of $130,967.00 in contributions, $105,100 in cash contributions and $25,867 in in-kind donations. The top contributor to the Committee was Wal-Mart, which provided a total of $65,867 in cash and in-kind donations. Other donors include Oklahomans for Consumer Freedom and Costco Wholesale Corporation. Ballotpedia identified one committee registered to oppose the measure: Oklahomans Against 793. The committee had raised $1.46 million and had spent $501,393. The largest donor was the Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians which had given $655,723 in cash and in-kind contributions. The majority of the other contributions came from Doctors of Optometry."

That should tell you that this is a money fight between the big box stores and the independent Optometrist that many people have used for years. As we said earlier, follow the money. These donation reports only go through the end of June. We will give you an up-to-date donation report as soon as it becomes available.

The next article of interest was this this article from the OCPA. It gives a brief insight to not only SQ 793, but also the other state questions that we the people face in November. They do bring up the point that Oklahoma is one of three states in this country that doesn't allow that. There are an additional four other State Questions that we will be asked to vote on. We encourage everyone read this article. Although brief in nature, we did find a lot of good information about the State Questions.
The next article we found was this article from the www.Muskogeepolitico.com. The article is correct about this ad from Oklahomans Against 793. The add being true, we also see the attempt at creating fear in the ad. It should be considered before you vote.

That is everything we were able to find on this State Question. We ask people to ignore the hyperbole that both parties are inserting in their ads and do some investigation on your own. It boils down to one simple question. Whose pocket do you want to line, your local optometrist that you've used for years or the big box companies? As is our custom we will not make an endorsement of any nature on State Question 793. You have the information and it is now up to us, the citizens of Oklahoma.