Election Day: Vote for Principle

Today is Election Day. Voters across the country are casting ballots to conclude a critical midterm election. If you're in Oklahoma and need help finding your polling location, use this link from the State Election Board. Oklahoma election results will be posted at the Election Board website starting at 7:00pm. Here are my picks, with more detail on them here: Governor: Kevin Stitt Lieutenant Governor: Matt Pinnell State Auditor: Cindy Byrd Attorney General: Mike Hunter State Superintendent: not Joy Hofmeister Insurance Commissioner: not Glen Mulready State Treasurer: not Randy McDaniel Corporation Commissioner: Bob Anthony 1st Congressional District: Kevin Hern 2nd Congressional District: Richard Castaldo 5th Congressional District: Steve Russell SQ793: Yes SQ794: No SQ798: No SQ800: No SQ801: Yes Oklahoma Supreme Court: for Patrick Wyrick, against the rest Court of Civil Appeals: for Goree, against the rest Court of Criminal Appeals: for Rowland and Kuehn, against Lewis  District Judge, District 15, Office 4: James Walters Associate District Judge, McIntosh County: Brendon Bridges HD2: Jim Olsen HD8: Tom Gann HD12: absolutely not McDugle HD15: Randy Randleman HD41: Denise Hader HD49: Tommy Hardin HD83: Jason Reese HD85: Matt Jackson HD79: Dan Hicks SD2: Marty Quinn SD4: Mark Allen SD6: David Bullard SD40: Joe Howell