Canadian County Republican Party To Issue Letter To Oklahoma 2019 Legislature

Brought to you by the Canadian County Republican Party Facebook page IMG_3291ATTENTION, PATRIOTS! CALL TO ACTION! The Canadian County Republican Party will be issuing a letter to the 2019 Oklahoma Legislature next week stating our expectations and direction on how we would like them to defend and uphold our rights to LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY! Please click this link: to read and sign on to this very important letter! Share, Share, Share this post! Tune in to KFOR News Channel 4 at 4:30 PM and 6:00 PM to watch their exclusive interview with us regarding this letter! We want to give a special thanks to KFOR Reporter Lili Zheng for contacting us and arranging the interview. Links to the story will be included in this post after the stories have aired. Link to the KFOR press release: — with Brooke McGowan and 9 others. Source post