Murder at the Manor NYE

When : New Year’s Eve (full cast)
BLANCHE BATTERS played by : Donna CINDERS played by : Abbie DEE MINOR played by : Melissa DOCTOR FUMBLES played by : Christopher EM FATALE played by : Shelly GENERAL CUSTARD played by : Jeremy INSPECTOR DENAUX played by : Brian MRS WITHERING played by : Sandie PROFESSOR PEACOCK played by : Bryce REVEREND WILL BEEDONE played by : Paul THE BUTLER played by : Noah
I played Mrs Withering at our NYE celebration at the manor, only sad news Lord Heathcliff was murdered and we were all instantly suspects.  It was a harrowing evening but we slowly unraveled the sordid details of each character and eventually it was the inspector who ‘confessed’ to the ‘accident’. I of course was distraught over Lord Heathcliff’s death, but others kept accusing me of bumping the old fellow off because of his recent marriage to the young floozie Em Fatale!  I still think the reverend did it but at least we had a confession and lots of fun. Find out more here – It was truly an interesting evening at the manor… Mrs Withering (aka Sandie) Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Murder at the Manor NYE