FGST: Preparing for the Glory by John and Carol Arnott

Preparing for the Glory by John & Carol Arnott
This last weekend I went to the meetings in Tulsa with John Arnott. He is an amazing teacher and full of the Holy Spirit. What is wonderful about his ministry is the depth of his experience (involved in the Toronto Blessing outpouring in 1994) but not to leave it there pressing on for More! He breathes Fire on the people as he prays for them and teaches us that we as believers can do the same for/with others. As the body prayed for me this weekend, I believe I gained more healing and grew about an inch in stature (more to go). I am more than ever convinced YHWH has full restoration for me and am asking that others join with me in prayer for myself and all who need healing, baptism, salvation, and deliverance among us. It is our Father’s great pleasure to do so for His children and for unbelievers as well as a sign to them of His love and power.
If you were not able to be there in person, read the book. It is available at the meetings and on Amazon linked to picture of book above. More of my testimony here>>>

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Preparing for the Glory

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