Open Letter To Governor Stitt: Use Bully Pulpit To Bring SB 13 To Your Desk

Dear Governor,

President Trump has stated that life begins from conception. The President has indicated the States should be able to end the Holocaust of the pre-born.

As Governor you have sworn to uphold the Oklahoma and U.S. Constitutions which safeguards and guarantees the protection of life and liberty to all our citizens.

Now is the time to defy Roe. This is not secession as some illiterates would have you believe. It is simply upholding your oath of office and doing your job.

You swore an oath before God and man to uphold our Constitutions, not court opinions.

Interpose now for the innocents being slaughtered on your watch!
I implore you to use your bully pulpit with Senate Leadership which is stalling SB 13, such as you used to bring Constitution Carry to your desk!

For Life,

Kenny Bob Tapp