Tapp into Common Sense: Bully Pulpit Time! CONTACT Governor Stitt On SB 13!

Governor Kevin Stitt ran as a political outsider and was perceived as someone not interested in playing political games.  Currently State Senate Leadership and namely Senate Pro-Tem Greg Treat are playing political games with the lives of thousands of innocent preborn Oklahomans.  Treat and company refuse to allow SB 13 (The Oklahoma Abolition of Abortion Act) a hearing or a vote.  Senator Treat as Pro-Tem and Senate Floor Leader Kim David have the authority to bring SB 13 to the Senate Floor for a vote anytime.

Senate Pro-Tem Greg Treat  /  Senate Floor Leader Kim David

Governor Kevin Stitt recently used his authority, utilizing the bully pulpit, conducting a public press conference and other avenues to let the state legislature know in no uncertain terms to pass and send Constitution Carry to his desk.  Constitution Carry passed shortly after and recently was signed into law by Governor Stitt as the first piece of legislation to receive his signature. IMG_3546.JPG
Governor Stitt Signs Constitution Carry Into Law
It is incumbent upon all who believe life is precious to contact the Governor ASAP and urge him to pull out the bully pulpit once again in order to insure the passage of SB 13 and bring Oklahoma’s Holocaust of the preborn to an end!   The Governor must conduct a press conference for SB 13 and if necessary, refuse to sign legislation from Senators Treat and David until they get out of the way and do their duty!
Please contact Governor Stitt post haste at (405) 521-2342 and at https://www.ok.gov/triton/contact.php?ac=347&id=322!
You can schedule a request here to meet with the Governor: https://appengine.egov.com/apps/ok/governor_request