OKG Alert 110307: REPEAL OK State Income Tax

OKG News and Alerts – March Edition 110307 REPEAL the OK State Income Tax Info

We have an opportunity to REPEAL Oklahoma State Income Tax


March, 2011

Great news!  The Oklahoma Senate passed a bill the other day that would REPEAL the Oklahoma state income tax!

Why is this great news? It means that at least some of our politicians are serious about putting Oklahoma government on a diet. Letting people keep the money they have earned would return about $2.5 billion to the pockets of Oklahomans to better provide for their families and to make growth-promoting investments in the productive sector, elbowing out the pork-barrel spending and corporate welfare that characterizes Oklahoma today.

It would mean less tax forms to fill out every year with private, personal details about your family, business, and finances. It would mean that the risk of suddenly being audited by the state for whatever reason they choose would be cut to zero, permanently.

It would mean the end of tax loopholes and structuring that allow the powerful and influential to avoid taxes while the middle class is forced to tithe to the political machine, year after year.

It would mean the end of fixed income tax brackets absorbing more and more of your family’s wealth every year as Federal Reserve inflation eats away at the value of the dollar.

Unfortunately, some politicians say that the income tax repeal will NEVER pass the House, and that they weren’t really serious about it to begin with:


It is time to show them that you are serious about ending the state income tax once and for all.

Putting $2.5 billion per year back in the pockets of Oklahomans would be the best thing working people could ask for in such troubling economic times.

Contact your state representatives TODAY, by email, phone and/or fax, and demand that they vote YES on repealing the state income tax as passed by the Senate. (You can also send them another email to let them know how you feel about issues like repealing sales taxes on gold and silver.)

You can find your state House member’s contact information at the following link:


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Reminder from our January Newsletter:

Scribd document with downloadable resolutions (for county/precinct meetings) >>>

Oklahoma Grassroots Presents Resolutions to be Considered for Introduction at Statewide County Meetings in 2011

Additional References:

Republican Party Rules for Oklahoma link here (from 2003)

(Note:  There are revisions currently being circulated that the state executive committee has voted on in June of 2010; but to our knowledge these have not been approved by any properly convened state convention.)

Oklahoma State Constitution