Alert 151224: The Jerusalem Morning Star — Pharisees Demand Stoning of Unwed Mother

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Nazareth – December Edition

Feature Post by David Rucker


A young unmarried Nazareth woman shocked local Jewish leaders and her future husband by becoming pregnant before marriage. “According to Jewish law, the baby’s father must be stoned to death,” said local temple high priest Shaleth ben Be Shea. “Not only the man, but the woman also,” he continued, “if she did not seek help, then she also must die.”

The case, although rare, does have company in the courts. However, this case has raised particular interest because the woman denies her fiancé is the baby’s father. According to unnamed sources, the unborn baby’s mother, Mary daughter of Heli also of Nazareth, claims an angel of the Lord informed her she was selected by God to be impregnated with His son.

The woman Mary is now living in a city in the country with her cousin Elizabeth, who although an elderly woman and heretofore barren, is also pregnant. Elizabeth, from the daughters of Aaron, in an exclusive interview with the Star claims, “Yes, Mary is pregnant with the Son of the most High, and I believe he will, as my cousin has said, be given the throne of David.” She further stated that she believes her own pregnancy was the result of a miracle of God, and that the two births were prophesied.

I think this is a fantastic joke,” said Jonah Halasace, mayor of Nazareth. “She not only broke the law, but now mocks God with this ridiculous story,” he continued, “of course, we worry about God’s wrath on us if we let this go unpunished.”

Her fiancé, Joseph, from the house of David, a well-respected scholar and carpenter, was in a quandary to say the least. “It would be totally out of character for her to lie,” he said. “Before anyone acts though, they had better be well versed in prophecy, she and her cousin just may be telling the truth, and I am prepared to accept that,” he added.

Roman law has no provision in matters such as this, and Herod, the Jewish Governor of the region said, “The Romans allow us the flexibility to deal with matters such as this.” Herod also said he thought that this could be an attempt by right wing radicals to spur hope of the birth of a new Jewish leader to lead them out of bondage from the Romans. “We have it pretty good under Roman occupation, and I simply will not stand for this type of nationalistic propaganda to continue.” He also expressed some fear of the situation getting out of hand. “There are already those who say this birth is prophesied, but I know anyone can read into scripture what they want,” he said, “we’ll let the experts in the temple decide what to do.”

The resolution of the situation has been placed in jeopardy by the Roman Census call. Tremendous pressure has been placed on all government officials to be ready for the official counting, and little hope is left for judgment before the child’s birth.

[Editor’s note:  This article was written by David Rucker (TX) in approximately 1993.  It was first shared via Associated Conservatives of Texas.  David also wrote the Rat in the Hat featured on R3publicans and available to download free via Scribd here.]

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