Aetna Says Bye Bye to ObamaCare

The four biggest insurers are going wobbly on ObamaCare. What initially looked like a great deal for them – customers federally mandated to buy their product – doesn’t seem to be working out as they had hoped.  Bloomberg Businessweek reports that insurers are loosing hundreds of millions of dollars on Obamacare. Aetna Says Bye Bye So Aetna now says bye bye

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Bill Clinton just happens to show up on the same tarmac as Attorney General Loretta Lynch the weekend before Hillary’s interview with the FBI. An unmarked plane delivers a pallet stacked with $400 million in cash to Iran moments before five hostages are released. Coincidence.

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Obama Launders Iran Ransom Money

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was busted for paying hush money by making cash withdrawals that would be difficult to trace. Never mind that he was a perv trying to hide the fact that he had molested a high school wrestler. It was violating the $10,000 cash withdrawal limit that got him busted. “Hastert was indicted for two alleged

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Hillary Lying About Email Again

Hillary picked up four bonus Pinocchios for lying to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. More Lying Here’s Hillary: “Director Comey said my answers were truthful, and what I’ve said is consistent with what I have told the American people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the emails.” And here’s Ron Fournier

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Lock Her Up

  Chris Christie used his time on the RNC podium to prosecute Hillary Clinton. After reciting various moments in her public life he asked, “guilty or not guilty.” Then the frenzied crowd responded, “lock her up.” Here’s a funny replay of the speech from The Onion. Lock Her Up Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post called it

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Republican Convention Protesters

The Republican National Convention opened with a floor fight when The Never Trump crowd tried to overthrow the presumptive nominee. They claimed to have gathered enough signatures to change the rules requiring delegates bound to Trump to vote for him. But the signatures never saw the light of day. The protesters lost on a voice vote. Chaos ensued. Republican

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Lying to FBI and American People

Hillary Clinton didn’t testify under oath in her three and a half hour interview with the FBI. Director Comey said there was no evidence she was lying. There was no transcript either. On Monday a federal judge delayed ruling on a deposition of Hillary. The deposition was requested by Judicial Watch as part of its lawsuit against the

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Trump’s Pence Pick

Donald Trump chose Indiana governor Mike Pence as his running mate and designated adult. Here are 10 things the Washington Post wants you to know about Pensce. Update: Oops. In light of the truck massacre in Nice, Trump has postponed his announcement. Still off the leash for now.

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