Ruling Class

Thomas Frank has a great little essay in the Guardian about how the ruling class works. The details are emerging from John Pedestal emails stolen and released by WikiLeaks. Podesta sits at the head of the ruling class and is asked for favors and jobs by other  members of the elite group. In Group CNN expelled Donna Brazile for slipping debate questions

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Tarmac Talk Could Influence Election Outcome

Jane Mayer, in the New Yorker, points out that FBI Director Comey broke with Justice Department tradition: Attorney General Loretta Lynch expressed her preference that Comey follow the department’s longstanding practice of not commenting on ongoing investigations, and not taking any action that could influence the outcome of an election, but he said that he felt compelled

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Clinton Foundation

In late September the New York State Attorney General ordered the Trump Foundation to stop accepting donations because it failed to file audits with the State of New York. The foundation had raised $25,000 from outside donors. Clinton Foundation Andrew McCarthy at NR online thinks the Clinton Foundation is a criminal Ricco operation: Ostensibly a charity, the

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Obama’s Fake Name and Hillary’s Secret Email Server

President Obama told CBS News that he learned about Hillary’s secret email server at “the same time everybody else learned it through news reports.” That was before the FBI showed Huma Abedin an email the president had sent to Hillary – using a pseudonym. “Why is this not classified?” exclaimed Huma. Did Obama share classified information on Hillary’s unsecured secret server? Maybe the

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ObamaCare Death Spiral

Forbes defines a health insurance death spiral as “adverse selection” which happens when only high risk people buy insurance: If only people on their death beds buy life insurance, the insurance company would quickly go out of business. Equally, if only sick people buy health insurance, the math will not work… To reduce the risk of

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Dead Voters

Walking Dead Some critics say The Walking Dead went too far in its season opener. The episode featured violence with a baseball bat rigged with barbed wire. Critics also say Donald Trump has gone too far as his reality show campaign season closes. The final episodes feature claims the election is rigged. Dead Voters Liberals say voter fraud is a myth. Trump cites

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Al Smith Dinner

  Cardinal Dolan  had a “box seat” between Hillary and Trump at the annual Al Smith Dinner in New York. He said he was “moved by their interaction together”. I had to wonder if he didn’t just want to move. Al Smith V said the room got “a little uncomfortable” when The Donald said Hillary

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FBI Immunity Chest

Rather than convene a grand jury to subpoena her computer, the FBI gave Cheryl Mills immunity from prosecution.  Mills served as Hillary’s chief of staff and as her attorney. Immunity with Impunity The FBI also gave immunity to four others and agreed to destroy computers after reviewing evidence on them.

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