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Tina Kelly Grassroots Activist and RNC Alternate Endorses Amanda Teegarden

TinaAs I did this, I begin to hear a few names over and over again. Amanda Teegarden was one such name and she was always referenced positively, regardless of the group. “Amanda Teegarden will know, ask her.” “If Amanda says it, then it’s true.” “You should read Amanda’s research, she’s a self-taught expert on that issue.” “The meeting will be worth your time, Amanda’s speaking.” Once while lobbying at the capitol with other citizen activists, I heard a State Representative remark that a certain piece of proposed legislation had already been run past Amanda, so “we” shouldn’t worry. This comment is very telling. It demonstrates just how much weight her integrity and tenacity carried in both realms.

As I became more involved, I began to realize that this one woman was making a difference up at the capitol and all across our state, with her intelligence, her hard work and her perseverance. She was also making a difference to the new wave of grassroots activists like me who needed to see for ourselves that it could be done.

Shelley Goetz of ERWC Endorses Amanda Teegarden for GOP State Chair

via email~

I’d like to contribute to your endorsements list.  I’ve done my homework and although I’m a little late doing this, I think it’s the right thing to do.  Please consider me one of your proponents; you have my vote.

Thanks for all you do.

Shelley Goetz
ERWC, Membership V.P.

Post originally via TeegardenforOKGOP 2013

Amanda Teegarden Releases Flyer Calling for Principled Courageous Leadership

“America is at an historic crossroads that will determine whether our grandchildren will enjoy the blessings of freedom or the curse of tyranny. Never has the need for principled, courageous state legislators, state, county and local officials, been so great to resist and roll back the power of the federal government.” – Amanda Teegarden (April 15, 2013)

Tulsa Beacon Endorses Amanda Teegarden for OK GOP State Chair

Oklahomans more than ever are looking for genuine leaders. Actions speak louder than words. And America is on the political brink. Solutions will come from the grass roots.

That is the strength of Amanda Teegarden. She will listen. She agrees with the GOP Platform that is so often abandoned by party officials.


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Gary Casey Precinct Chair in Tulsa County and Former President of Tulsa County Men’s Republican Club Endorses Amanda Teegarden

I consider Amanda Teegarden to be one of the most respectable grassroots activists and leaders in Oklahoma. Her diligence in bringing to light matters of legislative importance to citizens through her work with OK-SAFE and her online radio show, America in the Balance, have been a great boon to Oklahomans. But she goes beyond that and dedicates her spare time to helping principled candidates get elected and teaches young people and newcomers to the party about the legislative process. She personally visits lawmakers to advocate for issues of individual liberty, free enterprise, and constitutional governance. I wholeheartedly endorse Amanda Teegarden for the office of Oklahoma GOP State Chair and I hope you will join me in casting your vote for Amanda at the state convention on April 20th.