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Free Market Environmentalism: An Introduction - Reprint

I have a confession to make – I am a tree hugger. I believed that everyone should recycle and I fully supported ordinances for recycling, banning plastic bags, regulations to reduce pollution and so on.   With April being the month of Earth Day, I thought it was a good time to discuss this topic, […]

On March 22nd, I had the privilege of being a part of a one-of-a-kind event in Tulsa called the Punk Rock Flea Market. It was a very DIY event at a local church that likely – at just $10 per table – had the cheapest tables in town for any flea market type event. There were booths […]

Ron Paul photo via Liberty on Tapby Ron Paul from Pursue the Cause of Liberty: A Farewell to Congress

America now suffers from a culture of violence. It’s easy to reject the initiation of violence against one’s neighbor but it’s ironic that the people arbitrarily and freely anoint government officials with monopoly power to initiate violence against the American people—practically at […]

The Best Help For Mental Illness Is Not A Jail

County Budgets Pay the Price For State Govt. Failure Perhaps the most glaring example of legislative failure, in Oklahoma, is illustrated by the terrible abuse of the county jail. Tulsa’s jail is taking on a role that is was never designed for – nor should it be!  County jails are supposed to serve to protect […]

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After seven days, the Ardmoreite has done a story on the dog shooting that consists largely of Chief Ken Grace’s statement. In it he says, “Witnesses stated that the dog had been aggressive toward several residents in the area and postal carriers.” After reviewing the reports and all the statements, the only witness statements that […]