AxXiom:  Ten Rules for Activists to Live By

AxXiom: Ten Rules for Activists to Live By

1. Know what the “prize” is before you start, and never, ever take your eyes of of it.

2. Credibility is everything and it is an all or nothing deal.

What IS Oklahoma doing with a Democrat for a Governor? That question bugs me every time I hear about something else that the fine fellow vetoes, such as the Sovereignty Resolution in 2009 (which the OK Legislature promptly over rode), or more recently, the Firearms Freedom Act. Perhaps the answer to how a Democrat opposed […]

Southern Avenger: The Republican War Fetish

SouthernAvenger (Jack Hunter, South Carolina) — April 29, 2010 — Taking the GOP to task on the one issue too many Republicans still consider non-negotiable.

a cautious hat tip to all who have admitted their mistakes during this election season

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Pizza and Taxes

At one level, this is petty but it’s indicative of a bigger problem.  Have you made a reservation at a hotel, and found out at the last minute that instead of the quoted price, you’re paying an additional $20 a day because of a “resort fee?”  Why can’t they be honest and simply show the […]